03 Dec

2019 SNORE Elections

Please join us at the SNORE monthly membership meeting on December 11, 2018.

Meeting Place: Pole Position Raceway (Skybox Room, upstairs) 4175 South Arville Las Vegas, NV 89103

Time: 7:00PM (Membership Validation opens at 6PM.)

The nominees for the 2019-2020 term are listed below.

*Please note, you MUST be a paid SNORE member to participate in voting.

**Absentee and electronic ballots are not accepted.

***One ballot per paid member.

Click Here to register as a SNORE member.

NV Board of Directors Nominees:

  1. Sean Argentino
  2. Cori Baker
  3. Don Barbeau
  4. Mark Broedling
  5. Jeff Bruner
  6. Tristen Ervin
  7. Ken Freeman
  8. Mike Frye
  9. CJ Hutchins
  10. John Koeth
  11. Rick Krueger
  12. Tammie Gubler
  13. Angie Mitchell
  14. John Pellissier
  15. Journee Richardson
  16. Bill Shapley
  17. Brian Vest
  18. Loretta Vest
  19. Daryl Zygela

CA Board of Directors Nominees:

  1. Robert Johnson (CA Rep)
  2. Henry Lebsock (CA Rep)

AZ Board of Directors Nominees:

  1. Shane Robinson (AZ Rep)

Executive Officer Nominees:

Contingency Director: Gina Colosimo

Sgt. At Arms: Mark Broedling, Angie Mitchell

Race Director: Zach Jorgensen

Treasurer: Miranda Bruner

Secretary: Sarah Koeth

Vice President: Mike Colosimo

President: Ken Freeman, Ken Thatcher

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