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Next BLM RMP Meeting January 17, 2018

Date: January 17, 2018
Time: The meeting starts at 5PM, you don't have to be there at 5 but by 6:30PM to sign up to comment. The comments start at 7PM. You have 3 minutes MAX to get your point across.
Location: Heritage Park Senior Facility, 300 S. Racetrack Road, Henderson, NV.


1. The secretary of the interior Stated on his 1st day of office that there needs to be more access on public lands for recreation and all Plans offered in the RMP restrict public access to public lands.

2. None of the plans have any mitigation plans for loss of public land that was used by OHV recreation.

3. None of the RMP plans have added any OHV open areas or expanded open areas for OHVs . OHV recreation is the fastest growing outdoor recreation and areas need to be set aside now for future use.

4. Changing trails from existing to designated would reduce OHV access and OHV opportunity's and be in conflict with the direction of the secretary of the interior.

5. Reducing OHV opportunity's would put more pressure on other areas and could have a negative impact on areas.

6. OHV recreation is an 11 billion dollar industry and creates jobs. Reducing OHV opportunity's by reducing trails , closing areas and reducing seasons would have an negative economic effect.

7. Solar farms on public lands add to habitat destruction of the desert tortoise and should be built outside of tortoise habitat.

8. Large solar farms add to the island heat effect with a large dark footprint.

9. Solar is much belter suited for roof top installations and is more efficient than massive solar farms miles from the power need.

10. At this time the USFW can not prove that any of the current ACECs have increased wildlife population. Adding more would not be in the public's best interest.

11. With over 85% of Nevada government owned closing off lands for wilderness would be a burden on Nevadans and counter productive.

12. There needs to have a motorized plan set up before any RMP revision.

13. No lands that are next to sensitive or used for OHV access should not be listed as disposal areas.

14. In the scoping meetings the majority wanted more OHV access but all plans reduce OHV access.

15. Restricting OHV recreation in rural community's will have a negative economic impact and hurt tourism.

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