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47th annual PCI Race Radios SNORE 250 returns to Lucerne Valley, Calif. with big field Sept. 23-24

By Mike Henle

LUCERNE VALLEY, Calif., -- The Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts will present the annual PCI Race Radios SNORE 250 here Sept. 23-24. For the past 46 years, the SNORE 250 has been a historic off-road race and the 47th event is expected to carry on the tradition.

The PCI Race Radios SNORE 250 marks the return of the event east of Victor Valley in western San Bernardino County. A field of about 150 entries is expected to compete.

Since the inaugural SNORE 250 presented on the grounds of what is now the Spanish Trail Country Club in southwest Las Vegas, the event has become a staple in the world of off-road racing. Since the first event won by the legendary Fritz Kroyer, the event has been presented at various other venues. 

However, while the scenery has changed depending on the location of the start-finish line, competitors like PCI Race Radios President, Scott Steinberger remains dedicated to SNORE and its consistent off-road racing events now stretching back almost five decades.

In a sport where communications are so vital, PCI Race Radios has become not only a member of SNORE’s overall race team, but also a highly-recognized invaluable source. Since 1972, PCI Race Radios has provided radio communications for some of the best in the sport including Bill Stroppe, Joe MacPherson and Walker Evans.

PCI Race Radio’s founder, Bob Steinberger has been a part of race communications for such notable events such as the Mint 400 and numerous other highly-respected events in Mexico. When MacPherson could not remember Bob’s name, he dubbed the man “Weatherman” and the nickname has stuck ever since.

In fact, PCI Race Radios’ involvement in off-road racing goes hand-in-hand with SNORE, one of the longest-running auto racing bodies in the country.

There is a level of teamwork related to the SNORE 250 as evidenced by the fact that PCI Race Radios is also the event’s title sponsor.  Scott Steinberger immediately jumped at the opportunity to sponsor the SNORE 250 after receiving a call from SNORE President Kenny Freeman.

While he won’t be competing in his Trophy Truck this year, Steinberger will be heavily-involved making sure that every aspect of communications is available to the field of racers. With the continued growth of PCI Race Radios, the company can be seen at nearly 40 motorsports events every year.

“As a competitor, I learned first-hand about the different dynamics that go on when you’re in an off-road race,” explained the 49-year-old Steinberger. “You have a race going on and anyone who is competitive loves to race. The other dynamic is the nature and the wide-open space while blasting across the desert. It’s the freedom and the bumps in the road that you experience that makes our sport so special. I started racing in 1988 and started racing Trophy Trucks in 2002, There’s no greater experience than racing in the desert!

“You have families hanging out together having a great time. I actually started racing in a Mini Mag Chenoweth in 1988 and my first race was the Snore 250, I guess you could say I was hooked from the start. “     

Freeman lauded the sponsorship provided by PCI Race Radios which covers a three-year period.

“For as long as I can remember, PCI Race Radios has been an integral part of off-road racing,” Freeman said. “To have the Steinbergers and their company sponsoring the SNORE 250 is a true testament to SNORE’s involvement in off-road racing and we all appreciate their participation.”

This year’s event features several incentives including $3,500 in PCI bonus money, $1,000 PCI overall winner bonus, $1,500 PCI Class 10 bonus; $1,000 Fiber Care Baths Class 10 bonus (with an additional $1,000 from MORE if the Class 10 winner finishes in the top three overall; $1,000 Kartek Kash for Class 6100; $500 Kartek Kash for UTV; $1,000 UTV vs. Class 9 bonus; $500 from Race Fuel Energy for Class 1600; and $1,000 bonus to all classes with more than 25 entries.


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