TJ Flores dominates SNORE’s KC HiLites 250 Saturday near Jean

on 10 June 2013

By Mike Henle
The annual Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts KC HiLites 250 presented south of Las Vegas near Jean June 8 presented the typical challenges that one would find in an off-road race especially considering that the event was run during the evening hours to offset the heat of Southern Nevada.
But the heat was even worse for the 2013 event since temperatures soared ten degrees above normal in the first week of June. In fact, it was more than 100 degrees when SNORE officials dropped the green flag for an 8:30 p.m. start.
However, though it all there were two winners that being (a) overall winner T.J. Flores in an Unlimited Truck and (b) SNORE, which capitalized by drawing a good field of 80 entries for an event that many years ago was the brainchild of the late SNORE President Denny Selleck.
Racers are undoubtedly a hearty breed, as evidenced by the strong turnout that gathered in SNORE’s third event of the year in a prestigious chase for the $25,000 season-ending bonus money provided via the Terrible Herbst Motor Sports Garage fund.
Even with conditions so hot that even the reptiles seemed to be missing from the environment, the likeable Flores and his co-driver Jesse Gerlach ran roughshod over the rest of the field.
Flores, a native of Southern Nevada and a graduate of Rancho High School in North Las Vegas, was the first off the line and the first competitor to run five laps to get the checkered flag. The victory was his second straight after capturing the Silver State 300 in May.
“We literally didn’t do anything with the truck for this race,” said Flores, beaming with a smile that has become his trademark after taking the ID Designs Chevrolet to the huge victory. “We won the Silver State race and brought it here from the shop.”
Flores lapped all but two drivers in his Unlimited truck for an overall time of 4 hours, 53.14 minutes to finish about 51 minutes ahead of UT runner up Dallas Luttrell of Salt Lake City over a 54-mile course that featured a great combination of new layout combined with some of the old stuff.
Adding even more to his resume’ was the fact that Flores also finished about 22 minutes ahead of overall runner up and Class 10 winner Bryan Freeman, a Henderson, Nev., who has long been known for his consistent and well-timed talents.
“We had no issues at all,” said Flores, who will next run the Vegas to Reno event Aug. 15. “The course was very rough. It was dusty and rocky and a true desert race.”

Flores said co-driver Stephanie Reynolds rode the first lap while Jesse Gerlach rode the last four laps.
“They both have ridden with me in the past, so they’re used to my driving style,” said Flores, who added that the team also received sponsorship help from Vision X Lighting, McMurrough Racing, King Shocks, Kroyer Racing Engines, Champions Race Works, Magnum Ink, BF Goodrich and Jugz Eyewear.
Other winners included Richard Boyle of Ridgecrest, Calif., Class 1; Randy Jones of Simi Valley, Calif., Class 12; Mike Montes of Las Vegas, Class 13; Josh Taylor Logandale, Nev., Class 1450; Kelly Suiter of Henderson, Class 15; Justin Smith of Capistrano Beach, Calif., Class 1600; Colton Gubler of Caliente, Nev., Class 18; Kevin Mc Keown of Henderson, Class 2000; Daryl Kysar, Class 3000; Michael King of Menifee, Calif., Class 3000; Keith Minnicks, of Irvine, Calif., Class 7; Nick Lantz of Las Vegas, Class 7S; Derek Bradley, Las Vegas, Class 8; Corey Torres of Las Vegas, Class 9; Steve Bertrand of Las Vegas, Stock Bug.
The event also featured bonuses including the following:

  • $1,000 KC Lights Cash to the first vehicle to finish with KC Lights and decals.
  • $500 KC Lights Cash to first official finisher of combined classes of 9, 5/1600 or $1,800 to finish with KC Lights and decals.
  • $1,000 KARTEK cash to the first winner in Class 1/2 1600 with KARTEK stickers.
  • $1,000 Drykef Cash to first in Class 9 with Drykef stickers.

SNORE KC HiLites 250 off road race Results of Saturday, June 8 At Jean, Nev.

  • Overall: 80 TJ Flores, Las Vegas, 4:53.14.
  • Unlimited – 1. 80 TJ Flores, Las Vegas, 4:53.14; 72 Dallas Luttrell, Salt Lake City 5:44.38; 93 Eric Palacious, 6:07.53.
  • Class 1 – 188 1. 188 Richard Boyle, Ridgecrest, Calif., 5:43.37; 2. 130 Steve Hengeveld, Flagstaff, Ariz., 4 laps.
  • Class 10 – 1. 1002 Cody Freeman, Henderson, 5:15.39; 2. 1021 Rick Boyer, Bakersfield, Calif., 5:21.02; 3. 1087 Gary Messer, Kingman, Ariz., 6:10.56; 4. 1016 Tim Pangborn, Las Vegas, 6:10.56.
  • Class 12 – 1. 1216 Randy Jones, Simi Valley, Calif., 6:40.12; 2.1210 Jason Peterson,, Granite Bay, Calif., 4 laps; 3. 1255 Kyle Cox, Caliente, Nev., 3 laps; 4. 1244 Eric Palacious, 3 laps.
  • Class 13 – 1. 1360 Mike Montes, Las Vegas, 4:00.16; 2. 1388 Dustin Hellstrom, Las Vegas, 4:03.23; 3. 1380 Bill Shapley, Las Vegas, 5:54.48; 4. 1307 Richard Robinson, Sandy Valley, Nev., 5:59.54; 5. 1378 Dave Nelson, Henderson, 6:59.26.
  • Class 1450 – 1. 1484 Josh Taylor, Logandale, Nev., 4:03.42. 2. 1448 Jeremy Deakins, Norco, Calif., 4:52.17; 
  • Class 15 – 1. 1503 Kelly Suiter, Henderson, 4:27.15; 2. 1551 Samantha Richard, Las Vegas, 2 laps.
  • Class 1600 – 1. 1619 Justin Smith, Capistrano Beach, Calif., 5:52.15; 2. 1612 Blaine Conrad, Las Vegas, 5:52.51; 3. 1663 Christopher Adamik, Las Vegas, 7:03.52.
  • Class 18 – 1. 1801 Colton Gubler, Caliente, 1 lap; 2. John Pellissier, Las Vegas, 1 lap.
  • Class 2000 – 1. 2028 Kevin Mc Keown, Henderson, 5:01.50; 2. 2055 Derek Tenney, Las Vegas, 5:57.44; 3. 2015 Kenneth Leavitt, Santa Paula, Calif., 6:32.04.
  • Class 3000 – 3079 Darryl Kysar, 6:18.04, Oxnard, Calif., 6:18.04.
  • Class 5-1600 – 1. 555 Michael King, Menifee, Calif., 1 lap.
  • Class 7 – 1. 7234 Keith Minnicks, Irvine, Calif., 6:19.43.
  • Class 7S – 7177 Nick Lantz, Las Vegas, 5:54.31.
  • Class 8 – Derek Bradley, Las Vegas.
  • Class 9 – 1. 989 Corey Torres, Las Vegas, 5:28.49; 2. 928 Kyle Vizzo, Barstow, Calif., 5:39.05; 3. 966 Jeff Johnsen, 5:47.12.
  • Stock Bug: 1. 1180 Steven Bertrand, Las Vegas, 5:43.00.
TJ Flores, right, and his co-driver Jesse Gerlach celebrate their overall and class victories after SNORE’s annual KC HiLites 250 June 8 near Jean, Nev., south of Las Vegas.

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