Official On-Site Photographer Selected

on 08 February 2011

Pronto Pics is the Official SNORE On-Site Photographer for the 2011 racing season. They will be covering all of our events to provide you with the shots that you want the most – Your racecar in ACTION!

“We’re very excited to be covering the entire SNORE 2011 season, and looking forward to being at all of the venues covering the action” said Jason Brummond, owner of ProntoPics. “It will be terrific to continue providing our on-site services to both old and new customers at your races” he continued.

Many of you are already familiar with their high quality, on-the-spot production facilities at our races. ProntoPics offers a wide variety of prints from snapshot to large poster size images. Plans call for their full-service trailer to be located near Start/Finish during each event. Jason also pointed out that he plans to be at Contingency at Battle of Primm on Friday for those who want additional prints from earlier races.

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