Off Road Racing Community Opens its Arms to Fallen Battle At Primm Racer

Posted by SNORE Admin
on 31 March 2014

Usually after one of our races, SNORE typically would quickly post an article boasting about the event, giving kudos to the racers, thanking all of our volunteers and sponsors and give highlights of the weekend’s event but this race was different. We felt that time needed to pass in order to reflect, wounds to start to heal, and we needed to take a moment to pause out of respect for Jeff’s family and friends. Yes, it was a weekend of great racing, huge spectating crowds and excitement, but tragically, reality about how dangerous our sport can be and how lives can be changed in an instance, came to be that Saturday afternoon when race car #3002 crashed during Saturday’s afternoon heat.

As soon as the call for the air ambulance came and as you watched it circle around the course to land, you could feel the mood change and actually sense the concern that everyone had for their fellow fallen racer. The focus had changed from enthusiastically watching racers get big air at the dyke jump to one of concern and prayers for the two racers who had crashed in a single car accident on the course. The driver suffered a severe laceration and was taken by ambulance to the hospital but his dear friend and co-driver, suffered injuries so severe, that a few days later, he succumbed to those injuries and tragically passed away on February 28, 2014 with family and friends by his side.

The off road community immediately responded when called upon to assist Jeff’s family and donations from all over the country poured in and within only a few days, over $24,000 had been raised and the amount keeps on increasing because of extremely generous people like you, the off road community. Many of you have never met Jeff or his family, but because he was a fellow off road racer, it didn’t matter, you knew you had to help because of his love for the desert. Fast Aid, an organization that assists racers families has been very instrumental in helping the family as well so helmets off to them for their great work.

Instead of writing about details about the race weekend’s events, we felt that it would be much more important to let you know a little more about Jeff Johnson, the racer who lost his life competing in the sport that all of us love and hold so dear to our hearts. Please read below a note from Jeff’s lovely wife, Kristi, (Posted on the go fund me page)

At age 43, our beloved Jeff enjoyed his last earthly adventure in an off road desert race on Sat., February 22 in Primm, Nevada. Seven days after an accident during the race, Jeff came to rest in I.C.U. surrounded by loved ones on Friday, February 28th. From an early age, Jeff lived life with gusto. He enjoyed working and playing with dune buggies, 4x4 rigs, participating in the annual cornfield race, and his true passion, hunting & fishing. In 2000, Jeff took over his dad's business, Johnson & Sons Excavating, and loved his work as an excavator. In 2006, Jeff and wife Kristi moved from Whatcom County, WA to Harpster, ID and built their dream haven in the hills. In beautiful Idaho, they enjoyed hunting, fishing, and "living off the land", and were blessed with spending a winter month or two in Arizona pretending they were retired. Jeff was admired by many, being a hard working, intelligent, honest, loyal, friendly, and common sense kind of guy. Jeff is survived by his loving wife Kristi Johnson, adoring parents Bob & Barb Johnson, son Jarod Johnson, sisters Tammy Rounds & Bobbie (Marty) Silves, grandparents Bill & Luz Wegley, granddaughter Karmen Johnson, the Barter, Pfullmann, Bailey in-laws (AKA "outlaws"), as well as 4 nieces, a nephew, numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, many loving friends, and good 'ol Maggie dog. In a final gesture of kindness, Jeff donated his heart, liver and kidneys to help others. He will be greatly missed, but will live on in our hearts forever. Memorial service & reception will be held at the Deming Log Show museum (3295 Cedarville Rd., Bellingham WA 98226) on Sunday, March 23rd at 3:00 p.m. Contributions to assist family may be made at any US Bank branch or

Our hearts and prayers go out to Kristi Johnson and Jeff’s family and friends. Forever, Jeff and his loved ones, will be remembered in our thoughts and prayers.

Photos courtesy of DezertWife Photography.

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