NEW REGISTRATION PROCESS- Going into Effect for The Pahrump Nugget SNORE 250

on 30 August 2010

Driver of Records MUST NOW send in an Official Entry Form via postal mail/email/fax in order to be on the Entry List for that race. You will have up to a week before the race to send in the form, if the Official Entry Form is not sent in a week before the race, you will not be on the entry list or in the drawing and a late fee of $35 will be applied the day of Registration rather than race day. So any entrant not on the Entry List and Official Entry Form not RECEIVED by SNORE a week prior to the race will have to pay a additional $35 at registration. No Deposit is required to get on the entry list for this process.


This process will speed up registration for everyone and allow Drivers Packers to be made in advance for ALL racers. We understand some of you don’t know who is riding with you until race weekend, which is fine, additions and changes can be made at registration.


Entry Forms Via Mail can be sent to: SNORE, P.O. Box 752172 Las Vegas, NV 89136

Entry Forms Via Email can be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Entry Forms Via Fax, you must call prior to faxing for number.

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