Mint 400 Being Filmed in 3-D A First!

on 22 March 2011

Langley Productions, sponsor of COPS Racing Team, has just announced it

will be filming in 3-D at The Mint 400 with the cooperation and sanction of SNORE.

This off-road coverage is co-sponsored by Panasonic who is providing equipment and

technical support for this historic event.  As the producers of COPS, LAS VEGAS JAILHOUSE

and VEGAS STRIP, Langley Productions is a familiar production company to Las Vegas

residents, and is now pleased to expand its production slate into the world of off-road


"There is no sport more exciting than off-road racing," says John Langley, executive

producer at Langley Productions and owner of the COPS Racing Team, which will be

featured in The Mint 400.  "And there is no better event than the SNORE Mint 400, which

combines both the colorful history and competitive excitement of off-road racing."

While the main focus of the filming will feature Class 10 and Class 12, all racers will

play an important role in the coverage throughout the race. "The real star of the filming

will be The Mint 400 and the men and women who race it, "adds Morgan Langley,

also an executive producer and racer in the Mint 400.   "We just hope we can keep up

with the pace," says Zak Langley, a featured driver on the COPS Racing Team, "since

this is a very competitive field in an historic race."


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