Get a Pro-Designs Official SNORE Event Tee

on 08 February 2011

Now available at every 2011 race! Pro-Designs has been named the Official Event Shirt vendor for 2011, and they’ll have their mobile shirt shop ready to outfit you with SNORE event tee’s, hooded sweatshirts, race hats and more.

It’s a great opportunity to see our many old customers, and meet new faces at the SNORE races throughout the year”, said April Marcum, co-owner. "We’ll be at every event and ready to produce your selection of style, size and color for your souvenir event apparel”, she continued.

Pro-Designs has an excellent reputation for great designs and quality, and at a very reasonable price. And, we’re working with their designers to create new exciting, original graphics for each SNORE event this year. Their apparel makes great additions to your racewear wardrobe. Stop by the trailer with the American flag and check out the Pro-Designs shirts.

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