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Driven Experiences 250 Press Release

Press Release: 5/12/2016

By:Sarah Koeth SNORE Media Rep

Caliente, NV. – Caliente, NV has a long history in being home to off-road racing for Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts. After having pulled Caliente off the race list for quite some time, the 2015 season sought out to bring Caliente back to the table, and is continuing into the 2016 season. S.N.O.R.E. is back in Caliente once again, a racecourse that is sure to be nothing but top notch. Many racers have said this race is like nothing else, being their absolute favorite race of the year.

To start the weekend’s festivities, a meet-and-greet will be held at the Historic RXR Station, where you can meet the racers, see the race vehicles up close and personal, get some autographs, and take some pictures. Following the meet and greet will be the Fun Run, where it is your first chance to get a glance at the course. Registration and Tech Inspection will also be held at the Historic RXR Station. Race day starts bright and early Saturday morning on June 11th. Staging will begin at 7:30AM and the green flag drops at 8AM. Following the race, please join us in celebrating the day’s winners at the Awards Ceremony at 6PM.

With the start of this race, Driven Experiences has come on board as a sponsor, Driven Experiences is located at Gateway Canyons Resort, Colorado where you get the opportunity to rent vehicles ranging from Camaro’s to Dodge Challengers, to Pro-Baja Off-Road vehicles. Gateway Canyons Resort offers everything from horseback riding, spa services, air tours, hiking, mountain biking, and Jeep or ATV tours, all on top of the Driven Experiences options. Fine dining, luxurious stays, and beautiful scenery in the Unaweep Canyon of Colorado are all expectations that will be met. Having the sponsorship with Driven Experiences, you just might have the chance to visit Gateway Canyons for yourself.

Thanks to Driven Experiences, the prizes and bonus money to our winners is unlike anything S.N.O.R.E. has done before. For the overall winner in our Unlimited Trucks and the winner in 6100, (with a minimum of three entries in each class) you will receive a Vacation Package to Gateway Canyon Resort worth $5,000 plus a S.N.O.R.E. payback of $2,000 (with a minimum of ten entries in each class). For our overall winners in Class 1, 10, 12, and 1600, Driven Experiences has put up a $1,000 bonus, along with the S.N.O.R.E. payback (with a minimum of ten entries per class) of $2,000, making a total of $3,000. For the Pro Side x Side class, Driven Experiences has also put up $1,000 with a S.N.O.R.E. payback of $1,200 (with a minimum of ten entries), making it a total of $2,200. For our overall winners in Stock Bug and 1450, you will receive a $500 Kartek Bonus Cash Award.

S.N.O.R.E. would like to say a huge thank you to Driven Experiences for coming on board as a sponsor. We look forward to holding a relationship throughout the years. To our racers, this is a race you do not want to miss! We have worked extremely hard to make this race the best it can be and hope to see each and every one at the Driven Experiences Caliente 250. Get your names on the entry list and start prepping, we are 30 days away!

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