Dear Fellow SNORE Members

on 16 August 2010


In light of the recent tragic events at the California 200, the Board of Directors deemed it necessary to reassure our membership that the safety of our racers, their families and our spectators is our number one priority.  Through the use of designated spectator areas, snow fence, ropes, speed limits, course setbacks and personnel to monitor said areas, we will continue to make our best efforts to keep all of SNORE’s family out of harm’s way.  We value every life attending and implore you to follow the rules and stipulations set forth at each event.  The rules are not there to keep you down.  They are there to keep you alive.  The goal in desert racing is to get to the finish line.  However, safety’s finish line only comes when it is neglected.  SNORE will never be complacent with your safety.


To make a donation to the families suffering from this tragic event, please visit


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