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California iron worker Curt Geer is now 2-for-2 in SNORE’s rich 2016 Pat’s Signs series

By: Mike Henle

Southern California off-road racer Curt Geer is a busy guy, to say the least. At the age of 33, he’s a talented iron worker whose employment now has him showcasing his talent in construction at a children’s hospital at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif.

When he’s not helping bring beauty to a hospital, he’s got his foot to the floor in an off-road race. So far this year, the talented competitor has captured Class 1600 victories in the Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts first two races of the season, the Battle of Primm south of Las Vegas, and the Motion Tire 300 in Ridgecrest, Calif. 

A resident of Pomona, Calif., Geer has proven himself in the iron worker business and following the SNORE/MORE Motion Tire 300 April 2, it’s evident that he is also turning the off-road racing business into another work of art during SNORE’s six-race Patrick’s Signs series which will boast about $30,000 in prize money when the season concludes later this year.

Geer, who started off-road racing in 1998, ran a flawless race at Ridgecrest, a beautiful community near the China Naval Base in Southern California that boasts of springtime flowers, a challenging race course and a field of about 140 entries in numerous classes.

In fact, if someone was writing the script to this event, Geer was undoubtedly the event’s Rocky Balboa taking on a brutal race layout while gliding to 1600 victory by more than 26 minutes over the nearest challenger. While Ridgecrest offers everything from bone-jarring jumps to rock big enough to gobble up the best of competitors, Geer sailed in a sport known for failed equipment and sudden stops.

Geer had a five-lap time of 6 hours, 36.05.8100 minutes. In fact, his lap times of 1:19.15.484, 1:18.20.592, 1:18.24.661; 1:20.04.177 and 1:20.00.896 were not only consistent, but downright evidence of what could be called a flawless effort in an event that drew 137 entries.

“I can’t complain,” said Geer in a matter-of-fact fashion. “We had no issues. Ridgecrest is kind of desolate, but it’s got a little bit of everything. It almost reminds me of Mexico where I have run both 10 and 1600 cars.” 

Geer said both classes offer their share of challenges.

“With the Class 10 car, you have extra horsepower,” he said. “In the 1600 car, if you screw up on a corner, it can take you 1-1 ½ miles to get back up to speed.”

Since starting in the sport of off-road racing back in a 5-1600 car in 1998, Geer has not only become addicted to the sport. He hails from a family of motorsports standouts that include his dad, Bryan, and his crew chief, Steve Geer, another talented iron worker.

Even his grandfather, Richard, was a two-time go-kart racer and the first ever 1959 Grand National champion who competed at various tracks including Riverside International Raceway, was also an iron worker.

The Geer family is a happy one, for sure, although off-road racing does offer its own share of special challenges.

“In off-road racing, you have to prepare in the garage,” Geer explained. “You can’t prepare at the race track and you had better be ready to go when you arrive at the race. I guess you could say that we had pretty good strategy for Ridgecrest. The race is won by where you’re at on the track and how hard you need to push. 

“It’s a great science.”

SNORE’s next event is the Race Fuel Caliente 250 June 10-11 about 180 miles northeast of Las Vegas. The race has special meaning for Geer. 

“It’s our plan to go to Caliente,” Geer said. “The last time I was there, I hit a rock and broke the rear trailing arm. I guess you could say that it’s kind of my time for redemption.”

Like many of the other SNORE stops, Caliente welcomes the race organization while also providing a set of challenges ranging from the rocks and gravel of a typical race to the beauty of both trees and water.

“I’m also talking about running the 1000 in Mexico in November,” Geer said. “This is all about having fun with the family. We have all been doing this for a long time and with SNORE, the scenery is always a big reason to go to their events.” 

Other class winners from the Motion Tire 300 included Chris Kemp, Unlimited Truck; Ronny Wilson, Class 1 Unlimited; Jacob Hanberg, 10; Ralph Potts, 12; Julie Meehan, 13; Greg Zumwalt, 1450; John Ingold, 15; Austen Sieracki, 2000; Nick Cunningham, 3000; Blade Hildebrand, 5 Unlimited; Raul Solano, 5/1600; Sean Frank, 6100; Keith Minnicks, 7; John Harmon, 8; Tyler Peterson, 9; Robert Johnson, Stock Bug; Kent Perkins, SSX Unlimited; and Justin Heckman, SXS Sportsman.

Class 1600 driver Curt Geer and his wife, Jessica, celebrate his victory in the annual SNORE/MORE Motion Tire 300 April 2 in Ridgecrest, Calif.



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