2011 Safety Rules

on 06 January 2011


1. NETS … Must cover from “A” pillar to “B” pillar…..from top “roof” to bottom “top of body Panel”.

2. CAGE … must be made of minimum 1 ½” x .095  chromoly or “D.O.M.”. Must have corner gussets on main cage, all welds MUST be 360 degrees. A head rest IS required on seat or on cage. Different Classes require larger wall and tubing size.

3. HARNESSES ... Must be NO older than 3 years  from date of present race. Two single shoulder harnesses are required, “NO  V or Y” type shoulder type. Double “D” rings are required…unless harnesses are sewn. All snap type seat belts must have cottor pins or safety wired.  NO twist type latches…must be a “lever latch” type release.

4. FIRE EXTINGUISHER …two (2) required  2 ½ pound “A-B-C” rated hand held fire extinguisher with a capacity gauge. One mounted inside and one mounted outside with a quick type release.

5. FIRST AID … Mandatory items needed as follows;

A… 1 - 4” bandage compress F… 10 – Prep pads treated

B… 2 - 2” bandage compress G… 1 - Eye dressing packet

C… 1 – Triangle bandage H… 10 – Ammonia inhalants

D… 8 - 2” x 3” adhesive pads I… 1 – ace bandage

E… 16 – 1” x 3.375” adhesive bandages

6. FUEL CELL or bladder … fuel cell/bladder must be fully surrounded in a smooth surface casing. The casing must be made of 20 gauge steel, .060 aluminum or .125 marlex. NO MAGNESIUM. Fuel cell must be vented; vent hose must loop past both sides of cell and the end of vent hose must extend past the bottom of cell. Fuel cap must be “Quick fill or a twist type,” non-vented.

7. DRIVE SHAFT … Drive shaft safety loop is required on all vehicles with a drive shaft. Retainer loop could be made of .25” x 2” steel or a 2” wide nylon webbing both securely bolted to frame.

8. LIGHTS … Rear facing lights are as follows; 2 - Brake lights, 2 - tail lights, 1 – amber, 1 - blue “for vehicles racing limited laps”. Brake lights must be only connected to pedal brake switch “no hand controlled switch”. Tail lights must operate with instrument lights or a set of headlights “must not be on a separate switch”, rear facing lights must be on during entire night event or races that extend into the night hours. Amber and Blue lights MUST be connected to ignition switch and must BOTH be on entire event and must be repaired if stopped at a checkpoint.

9. HORNS … Very loud sounding device.

10. NUMBERS … Must be in middle on vehicle inline with driver “middle of vehicle”. In a 12” x 12” square back ground as follows Black square with White numbers or 12” x 12” White square with black numbers….this is required! Number sizes are as follows; 4” front “visor area”, 8” side numbers “inline with driver”, 6” rear facing.

11. HELMETS … a SNELL approved helmet with the “SA ” 2000 or a “SA ” 2005 SNELL label inside the helmet. “M” rated helmets will no longer be accepted.

12. DRIVING SUITS … Clean one-piece suit with no holes (including pee holes or cooling tubes) or rips. Highly recommended is a multi-layer one-piece driving suit.

13. CARBURETOR SPRINGS … a must, two springs where a single spring would go.

14. FLARES AND TRIANGLE … safety traffic triangles are required.

15. FIREWALLS … are required for all vehicles were a fuel cell is used. Normal location would between drivers compartment and fuel cell.

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