"Attention All Racers"

on 06 July 2010
The course layout for Ridgecrest has been approved and there is a small mileage change. The actual course will be 55.39 miles long with the S/F being 10 miles South of Ridgecrest off Hwy 395. There will be 4 outlying pits A thru D. Last years S/F will be Pit A, Last years Pit A becomes Pit B, Last years Pit B becomes Pit C and Last years Pit C becomes Pit D. Due to the mileage changes all classes that were previously noted to run 3 laps will run 4 and those classes to run 2 will run 3. We got this info out as soon it was verified so teams could adjust their logistics accordingly. The course will use 95% of last years course along with the additional 12 miles that takes us towards Ridgecrest S/F. This will be one fun course for all. Since Ridgecrest is an open OHV area, SNORE is not going to hold onto the map until the week prior to the race to prevent pre running. We will be posting the Official Map shortly.

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