LAUGHLIN, Nev. -- The Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts Christmas holiday tour is entering Laughlin this weekend for the annual McKenzie’s Rage at the River Thursday through Sunday.

A strong field of more than 300 entries will tackle a tight 12-mile course at the Laughlin Event Center.  With heat races starting Saturday and Sunday scheduled to start at 6:46 a.m., the action promises to be full-speed-ahead during an event that has now been a part of Laughlin since 2009.

Laughlin is the perfect venue for SNORE to wrap up each year and in the same breath, off-road racing is perfect for this city situated about 100 miles south of Las Vegas along the Colorado River.  Hotels are packed with racers and pit crews during an off-road extravaganza that highlights the six-race 2016 Patrick’s Signs & Butch’s Speed Shop Championship Series.

Heading into Laughlin, class points leaders include Ron Whitton (Unlimited Truck), Ross Mattox (1), Justin Davis (10), Colton Gubler (12), Sarah Koeth (13), Kevin Thompson (1450), John Morgan (15), Curt Geer (1600), Austen Sieracki (2000), James Ford (3000), Blade Hildebrand (5), Travis Baldwin (5/1600), Michael Frye (7), Jordon Poole (6100), Jasen Harmon (8), Tyler Peterson (9) and Tommy Bradley (Heavy Metal).

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By Mike Henle

LUCERNE VALLEY, Calif. – Each year, a strong field of off-road racers travel to this isolated area east of Victor Valley in western San Bernardino County to compete in an event known for tough terrain and competitive fields of drivers.

Now in its 47th season, the SNORE 250 – this year with strong support from sponsor PCI Race Radios and assistance from MORE – the field of about 150 entries didn’t let anyone down in the creation and running of the fifth race of the year Sept. 23-24 in the highly-respected 2016 Patrick’s Signs and Butch’s Speed Shop Championship Series.

No SNORE race is easy, starting with the King Shocks Battle at Primm in February and culminating with the McKenzie’s Rage at the River in December in Laughlin, Nev. along the Colorado River.  Through bad economies off the track and bumps in the road on the track, races like the most recent PCI Race Radios SNORE 250 turns the desert into a weekend gathering that tests the talents of some of off-road racing’s finest competitors.

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LAUGHLIN – In what has become a very popular traveling off-road racing show, SNORE has been presenting its popular programs for 47 years; and as development curtailed usage of land in the Las Vegas area, the hearty group of off-road enthusiasts has found itself journeying further away from its home base of Las Vegas.

In this small city along the Colorado River about 100 miles south of Las Vegas, SNORE will again present the McKenzie’s Rage at the River Dec. 9-12. With a field of more than 350 entries in several classes, the red carpet is rolled out to end the off-road schedule each year.

Highly-respected business people in small communities love seeing the invasion of vehicles that each SNORE race brings – and it’s no different in this community, once a bankrupt fishing village that legendary hotel executive Don Laughlin spotted from an airplane before deciding to resurrect the area back in the 1960s.

Off-road racing has been good to Laughlin and the city has the ideal venue called Laughlin Event Center where a 12 mile course has endless action especially for those sitting atop the surrounding hills. 

The setting for a season-ending race couldn’t be any better and neither could the 2016 Patrick Signs Championship Series.

SNORE is returning for the seventh year, according to club president Kenny Freeman.

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By Mike Henle

LUCERNE VALLEY, Calif., -- The Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts will present the annual PCI Race Radios SNORE 250 here Sept. 23-24. For the past 46 years, the SNORE 250 has been a historic off-road race and the 47th event is expected to carry on the tradition.

The PCI Race Radios SNORE 250 marks the return of the event east of Victor Valley in western San Bernardino County. A field of about 150 entries is expected to compete.

Since the inaugural SNORE 250 presented on the grounds of what is now the Spanish Trail Country Club in southwest Las Vegas, the event has become a staple in the world of off-road racing. Since the first event won by the legendary Fritz Kroyer, the event has been presented at various other venues. 

However, while the scenery has changed depending on the location of the start-finish line, competitors like PCI Race Radios President, Scott Steinberger remains dedicated to SNORE and its consistent off-road racing events now stretching back almost five decades.

In a sport where communications are so vital, PCI Race Radios has become not only a member of SNORE’s overall race team, but also a highly-recognized invaluable source. Since 1972, PCI Race Radios has provided radio communications for some of the best in the sport including Bill Stroppe, Joe MacPherson and Walker Evans.

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By Mike Henle

Back in the late 1960s, the Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts — otherwise known as SNORE — was born at the Sawdust Saloon on Highland Drive south of Sahara Avenue.

Owned by prominent businessman John Herda, the Sawdust was the perfect venue to launch SNORE, an off-road race group that is still going strong in its 47th year.

Ever since SNORE threw its first green flag, it has hosted some of the sport’s best-known names such as Fritz Kroyer, who won the SNORE 250 before also capturing the legendary Mint 400, and Rob MacCachren, who has won more than 200 championships during his racing career.

MacCachren won the 2009 SNORE points title and earned the top spot in theBaja 1000, the CORR Pro-2, the SCORE International, SODA Off Road Racing, Best in the Desert and three BorgWarner World Championships.

He currently drives the Rockstar Energy Drink Ford Trophy Truck in SCORE events and the Rockstar Energy Drink Pro 2 Unlimited in the Lucas Off Road Racing Series.

A native Las Vegan, MacCachren won the 1600 class of the 2009 Mint 400 and finished seventh overall.

“During that period of his career, Rob was honing his skills in the SNORE series,” SNORE President Kenny Freeman said. “Driving the 1600 car increased his level of intensity and helped him with the rest of his career.”

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By Mike Henle

SNORE’s history of KC HiLites off-road racing events stretches back to the mid-1970s. With a big gap in the schedule because of the heat, SNORE representatives determined it was time to present a night race during the summer months in Southern Nevada.

Thus, the return of the annual KC HiLites Midnight Special July 30 south of Las Vegas in Jean, Nev. With about 100 entries, the event drew a good field that has consistently carried on for the past four decades.

Founded in 1969, SNORE undoubtedly took what might have sounded like a strange idea and turned it into a brilliant off-road racing endeavor especially considering that the Midnight Special is presented smack-dab during the hottest summer month in Southern Nevada.

“SNORE added the night race because there was a big hole in the schedule from the spring until the fall,” explained long-time member and president Kenny Freeman, Jr. “The only way to fill the void was to run at night, so the Midnight Special was born.”

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By Mike Henle

CALIENTE -- The renowned band Credence Clearwater Revival recorded “Who’ll Stop the Rain” back in 1970 and the song could have been the perfect theme for the June 10-11 running of the Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts Driven Experiences 250 off-road race.

There is no question about the fact that this tiny town about 160 miles north of Las Vegas always presents a fascinating combination of challenges ranging from streams to trees and hills that literally put the ultimate thrill in a sport known for terrain that eats up many competitors and their machinery.

Some 95 cars and their teams converged on this picturesque town known for its history related to mining and a railroad dating back almost 100 years.

What the field didn’t anticipate was the rain that dominated the scenery a short time before the green flag was to drop.

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By Mike Henle

CALIENTE – Pam Barlow’s late father Bert Vaughan was an electrical contractor in Las Vegas for many years starting in 1962.  He moved to Caliente full-time in about 1996 before passing away in 2001.

An old railroad town about 180 miles north of Las Vegas, Caliente has a special charm away from the hubbub of Las Vegas. It’s quiet and its slower pace is good for the soul, as Vaughan discovered after relocating to the town to buy the Northern Nights bar.

The president of the Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts in 1978-79, Vaughan and his wife, Faith, journeyed to Caliente to spearhead off-road racing events run by his Silver Dust Racing Association and later SNORE, which is returning to the area June 10-11 to present the Driven Experiences 250.

SNORE is good for off-road racing, and it’s also good for the businesses of Caliente. In fact, the race left the area several years ago before returning in 2015 much to the delight of anyone with a business in the community.

Caliente offers the perfect package especially for an off-road race considering that there is water, trees, the traditional rough roads along with what is called “Oh My God” hill, which sees competitors heading down a very steep descent at the end of each lap.

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Press Release: 5/12/2016

By:Sarah Koeth SNORE Media Rep

Caliente, NV. – Caliente, NV has a long history in being home to off-road racing for Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts. After having pulled Caliente off the race list for quite some time, the 2015 season sought out to bring Caliente back to the table, and is continuing into the 2016 season. S.N.O.R.E. is back in Caliente once again, a racecourse that is sure to be nothing but top notch. Many racers have said this race is like nothing else, being their absolute favorite race of the year.

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By: Mike Henle

Southern California off-road racer Curt Geer is a busy guy, to say the least. At the age of 33, he’s a talented iron worker whose employment now has him showcasing his talent in construction at a children’s hospital at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif.

When he’s not helping bring beauty to a hospital, he’s got his foot to the floor in an off-road race. So far this year, the talented competitor has captured Class 1600 victories in the Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts first two races of the season, the Battle of Primm south of Las Vegas, and the Motion Tire 300 in Ridgecrest, Calif. 

A resident of Pomona, Calif., Geer has proven himself in the iron worker business and following the SNORE/MORE Motion Tire 300 April 2, it’s evident that he is also turning the off-road racing business into another work of art during SNORE’s six-race Patrick’s Signs series which will boast about $30,000 in prize money when the season concludes later this year.

Geer, who started off-road racing in 1998, ran a flawless race at Ridgecrest, a beautiful community near the China Naval Base in Southern California that boasts of springtime flowers, a challenging race course and a field of about 140 entries in numerous classes.

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