Race Director Robert Gross is emphatic that there is a distinct possibility that you will finish in the dark! Every attempt is made to stay on schedule, but unforeseen circumstances may delay heat schedule timetables. In other words; Bring Lights and Be Prepared!


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All racers are permitted to occupy



Having one vehicle entered in two classes

DOES NOT MEAN you can occupy 80 feet!

Any entrant occupying more than their allotted space will be requested by the Race Director to reduce their overall space to the area allocated to them. His request will be NON-NEGOTIABLE!

Please display consideration for your fellow racers…


Also - Please park non-race support vehicles such as RVs, motorhomes, and personal vehicles in back of your pits – Do not take up valuable space at the front of your area…



Now available at every 2011 race! Pro-Designs has been named the Official Event Shirt vendor for 2011, and they’ll have their mobile shirt shop ready to outfit you with SNORE event tee’s, hooded sweatshirts, race hats and more.

It’s a great opportunity to see our many old customers, and meet new faces at the SNORE races throughout the year”, said April Marcum, co-owner. "We’ll be at every event and ready to produce your selection of style, size and color for your souvenir event apparel”, she continued.

Pro-Designs has an excellent reputation for great designs and quality, and at a very reasonable price. And, we’re working with their designers to create new exciting, original graphics for each SNORE event this year. Their apparel makes great additions to your racewear wardrobe. Stop by the trailer with the American flag and check out the Pro-Designs shirts.

Pronto Pics is the Official SNORE On-Site Photographer for the 2011 racing season. They will be covering all of our events to provide you with the shots that you want the most – Your racecar in ACTION!

“We’re very excited to be covering the entire SNORE 2011 season, and looking forward to being at all of the venues covering the action” said Jason Brummond, owner of ProntoPics. “It will be terrific to continue providing our on-site services to both old and new customers at your races” he continued.

Many of you are already familiar with their high quality, on-the-spot production facilities at our races. ProntoPics offers a wide variety of prints from snapshot to large poster size images. Plans call for their full-service trailer to be located near Start/Finish during each event. Jason also pointed out that he plans to be at Contingency at Battle of Primm on Friday for those who want additional prints from earlier races.

With unquestionably one of the most successful SNORE seasons in the books, the 2011 season is fast approaching. With nearly 200 entries already entered for the 7th annual Battle at Primm race on the February 19th and 20th weekend, SNORE is well on the way to surpassing the 324 entries of 2010. SNORE Race Director Robert Gross explains, “we have a lot of new and exciting things for this year’s Battle at Primm in the works” and “the fun level bar has been raised again”.

Defending his title for the first time in his off-road career, 2010 class 1600 champion Jason Coleman said, “We’re going to BAP with a completely fresh car, and looking for the win”. Jason plans on racing the entire SNORE 2011 season solo with the exception of the Mint 400.

Over 350 entries are expected for this event. Racers will compete in 22 classes of cars, trucks and Baja Bugs over two full days of racing. Drivers will race one heat on both Saturday and Sunday for a combined time to determine the winner. Many racers have been quoted saying “this two-day format is perfect for the family, it’s very spectator friendly and exciting for anyone who comes out to watch”. This proves to be true, as this event has drawn the biggest field of entrants for several years now.

The course, located on the Nevada side of the Nevada / California border in Primm Nevada will be 14 miles long. This year’s course will once again utilize the short course stadium track at Primm that includes jumps, banked turns, a rhythm section and one huge 140-foot tabletop jump.

For the second straight year, SNORE will hold qualifying time trials to determine the starting positions for Unlimited Class 1 vehicles and Unlimited Trophy Trucks. Last year’s winner and top qualifier, Josh Daniels, is on the list of drivers entered for this race. “This style of racing is right up my alley, no trying to save the equipment, it’s 110% from green to the checker, Yeeeeee” said Daniels who plans to repeat his 2010 performance.

Friday’s pre-race activities include a race course Fun Run for all entrants, plus qualifying and technical inspection where fans can get an up close look at race vehicles and drivers. All events from Friday through Sunday are free to the public.

Whether you are racing or a spectator, this is the one race you don’t want to miss.


You might say that 2010 Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts champion and Class 12 competitor Bryan Freeman is keeping his latest honor in the family considering past experiences.

The 31 year-old Freeman captured his second SNORE title this year after winning the crown in 2007. Further back in the family, father Kenny took the championship in 1979; and grandfather Ken, Sr. powered his way to the title in 1980.

All of our grand kids started racing at a young age. — Grandpa Ken Freeman, Sr.

Solidifying the fact that the Freeman family certainly knows what it’s doing in the sport of off-road racing, Kenny’s wife, Kerry, took the Power Puff championship in 1980; and Ken Sr.’s wife, Marrianne, won the Powder Puff crown three years in a row in the 1970s.

Throw in the fact that his Aunt Becky Freeman won the 1-2 1600 class of the Southern California Off Road Enthusiasts (SCORE) points titles in 1998 and 2000, and it’s easy to say that the Freemans rock in the sport.

The youngest Freeman to win the championship did so amassing 4,092 points to better Class 1 driver TJ Flores (3,928); Class 16 competitor Jason Coleman (3,776); Class 18 charger Chuck Harvey (3,626) and Class 7 kingpin Travis Bozzano (3,579).

The top ten included Class 1 driver Terry Householder (3,577); Class 7 competitor Richard Blunk (3,552); Unlimited entry Todd Wyllie (3,551); Class 18 driver Mark Bass (3,548) and Class 16 competitor Darin Anderson (3,444).

“All of our grand kids started racing at a young age,” said their Grandpa Ken Freeman, Sr. “Bryan and Cody (brother) have been running desert motorcycles since they were very young. Then, their cousin Day Gang has been a real star in off-roading and go-karts.”

“Bryan just loves to run off-road, and he knows his business. Rob MacCachren was his mentor. In fact, Rob even had Bryan run half of his races in Baja, Mexico for about two or three years. And when Rob MacCachren selects someone to drive with him, you know that his teammate has certain standards to meet.”

Mr. Freeman added that his grandson’s multi-faceted talent was evidenced by the fact that he drove trucks for MacCachren.

Ken Freeman, now 79, explained that his grandson is a very intense driver who actually studies a race course long before competing on it.

“He will walk a race course every race,” explained Mr. Freeman. “He walks the areas that he’s concerned about. So many off-road races nowadays don’t allow for pre-running, so you might say that Bryan offsets the new rules by pre-walking.”

Bryan’s dad, Kenny, said his son is meticulous to the end.

“He is the Jimmy Johnson of off-road racing,” said the elder Freeman. “He knows just how hard he has to push a car to win an event.

“During the next year, Bryan is going to team up with his younger brother, Cody. They will race the SNORE season. Bryan told Cody that since all the other men in the Freeman have titles, he needs one, too.”

Former off-road racer Joe McDonough, now 74, ran several classes with his family from the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s. His two sons, David and John, also competed on motorcycles early.

“If these kids start riding motorcycles when they are young like Bryan did, they learn to read the desert and survive the sport,” explained McDonough. “They know when to get on it and when to get off it. Rick Mears was one helluva off-road driver before he ever got into Indy cars where he won four Indy 500s. Off-road racing teaches the driver so much.”

Flores, 33, who won the 2009 Best in the Desert title, lauded Freeman for his efforts.

“I just had to place in the last race,” said Flores. “I was leading on Saturday and ran out of gas three miles short of the finish. We went into the last race with a 48-point lead over Bryan, but the bottom line was that he got the job done. He did his homework and his victory was well-earned. I blew a motor the week before, and the gas mileage on the new motor wasn’t what I expected. Normally, I get four miles to the gallon, but his time I got three.

“Bryan ran a good season and it was good right until the end.”

Freeman will officially be honored Saturday at the SNORE awards banquet at the South Point Casino. Doors open at 5:30 p.m., with dinner scheduled for 6:15 p.m.

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