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Points leader Luke McMillin of San Diego, Calif., will head the field of competitors when the Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts travels to Southern California for the second race of the season April 13-15 with the annual running PCI Radios 300 in Ridgecrest.

The five-lap event will include 60-mile laps between Bakersfield and Barstow. Fifteen classes of vehicles will run in the event in SNORE’s fifth return to Ridgecrest.

McMillin rounded out a strong finish in the season-opener Feb.25-26 at the Battle at Primm driving a Class 1600 entry. He now leads the points with 797.

Currently trailing McMillin in the $20,000 SNORE Kartek points are Eric Muller, Class 9, with 730 points; Curt Geer, Class 1600, 729; Dave Cote, Stock Bug, 714; tie between Bryce Menzies, Unlimited Truck, and Shawn Mecham, Unlimited, 710; Richard Starkey, Class 10, 705; Brady Wisdom, Class 12, 693; Justin Smith, Class 1600, 685; and John Pellissier, Class 1800, 675.

The 2012 schedule also includes the Dusty Times 250 in Caliente June 8-10; the KC HiLites Midnight Special Sept.7-9 in Lucerne, Calif.; the SNORE 250 Oct. 26-28 in Pahrump; and the Rage at the River Dec. 7-9 in Laughlin.


Luke McMillin of San Diego currently leads the Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts points standings heading into the PCI Radios 300 April 13-15 in Ridgecrest, Calif.

By Mike Henle

PRIMM, Nev. -- You might say that the Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts picked up with the annual Dusty Times Battle of Primm where it left off with December’s Rage at the River in Laughlin, Nev.

SNORE didn’t miss a beat to start the 2012 season attracting an official starting field of 208 entries competing over a tightly-wound 12.2 mile course so active the ground could be felt rumbling 35 miles to the north in Las Vegas. From Feb. 24-26, Primm was center stage; and SNORE, its officials and drivers were the stars of the show.

Complete with the robust field and just enough wind Sunday to clear the course, Buffalo Bill’s (which is  part of Primm Valley Resorts and Casinos owned by Affinity Gaming LLC)  was jam-packed with fun-loving off-road enthusiasts, not to mention a full field of slot machine tournament players who also invaded the hotel for fun and games during the weekend.

Now in its 43rd year that includes obvious rich history, SNORE met the call, delivered the product and handed out a purse of about $60,000 with boosts from all-important folks like Sonoco Fuel, Race Fuel Energy Drink and Dusty Times to account for $15,000 of the gold at the end of the rainbow.

It wasn’t hard to find fans and drivers satisfied with the final outcome which concluded a three-day blockbuster showdown that began with qualifying for the ground-pounding Unlimited vehicles.
Indeed, the course had a little for all classes including a lightning-fast straightaway after leaving the old stadium course. Especially the deep-throated Class 1 and Unlimited entries could be heard for miles as they drag raced their way north before taking a right-hand turn and going east.

Richard Diaz, a 54 year-old resident of Modesto, Calif., who ran a Class 13 entry, was happy Saturday even though mechanical issues forced him to watch the action in a chair near the end of the straightaway north of Buffalo Bill’s.

“We have been coming to the Battle at Primm since 2005,” said Diaz, who works for CalTrans. “This is fun especially considering that it’s out in the middle of nowhere. They have a lot of activities.
Las Vegan Bobby Leveck, who will soon turn 44, echoed Diaz’s comments.

“There is more for the spectators to see here,” said Leveck, a mechanic at Henderson Chevrolet, which is owned by former off-road racer Greg Heinrich. “You get to see a lot more of the action than at some of the other events (presented by other promoters). SNORE presents a real challenge for the racers with this event.”

Val Moon, director of sales for Primm Valley Resorts and Casinos, praised the weekend’s festivities.

“We love this event,’ said Moon, who has been in the hotel business for 40 years and involved in racing since the 1980s.  “Racing is great for Primm and Primm is great for racing.”

Brittany Burgos, the energetic first-year president of SNORE, was happy with the Battle at Primm.

“It was an amazing race,” said Burgos, a native Las Vegan and a former racer.  “I have received nothing but compliments from everyone. The tech went smooth and so did the race. We couldn’t be happier.”

Race Director Kenny Freeman, who stepped aside from his racing to take on a new role for SNORE, concurred.

“The race was excellent,” he said. “The turnout was great and so was the racing. We could not have asked for a better event.”

Off-road enthusiast and Las Vegas Sun editorial cartoonist Mike Smith spent one day with off-road racer Steve Olliges, who spearheads Team Ford in Las Vegas and also competed in the 1450 class of the Battle at Primm.

“What’s great about this race is that the spectator section has an excellent view of the major jump on the course,” said Smith. “It's a perfect place to watch every vehicle catch some air.”

Among the drivers who were thrilled with the event was Unlimited competitor Johnny Greaves, a native of Green Bay, Wisc., who now lives in Southern California.

“I love coming to the Battle at Primm,” said the 45 year-old Greaves, who set fast time during opening-day festivities. “This was a blast. It’s my baby.”

Michael LaPaglia, a Murrieta, Calif., driver who finished behind third in Class 10 behind Roger Starkey and Becky Wik, competed even after having his second ankle surgery.

“I had surgery in November after crashing my motorcycle,” explained the 23 year-old LaPaglia, whose family owns a gravel company. “I had a little mishap yesterday, but it was great today.”

LaPaglia’s latest surgery was only a few days before the Battle at Primm, but the medical procedure didn’t slow him down any.

Las Vegan CJ Hutchins finished eighth in Class 1 and shrugged off the first day hampered by the loss of a power steering line before running well on the final day.

“Today worked out well,” said Hutchins. “This car was a lot of fun. Losing to any of these guys is certainly not a bad thing at all. It’s a lot of fun racing against guys like this.”

John Pellissier, who captured the Champ Class, was happy with the race and his victory. He was among a strong crowd that attended the awards ceremony at Whiskey Pete’s Hotel showroom.

“I had to beat a Freeman with a Freeman car,” laughed the 44 year-old Pellissier. “Then, too, Cody Freeman retired early with engine failure, so it would have been very close if he had stayed in the race.

“Overall, it was a great event for SNORE.”

Class winners included Marc Ewing (Unlimited Truck); Sean Meacham (Class 1);  Roger Starkey (Class 10); Brady Wisdom (Class 12);  Jordan Poole (Class 13); Steve Olliges (Class 1450); Eric Trondie (Class 15);  Luke McMillin (Class 16); Pellissier (Class 18); Ryan Frisby (Class 3000); Ben Swift (Class 5); Tom Bird (Class 5-1600); Kevin Soder (Class 7); Richard Waite (Class 8);  Eric Muller (Class 9); Jonathon Libby (Heavy Metal); David Cote (Stock Bug); and Bill Morris (UTV).

SNORE continues to rock on with its 2012 season with the PCI Radios 300 in Ridgecrest, Calif., April 13-15.

Other events in the rich $100,000 series include the Dusty Times 250 in Caliente, Nev. June 8-10; the KC HiLites Midnight Special Sept.7-9 in Lucerne, Calif.; the SNORE 250 Oct. 26-28 in Pahrump; and the Rage at the River Dec. 7-9 in Laughlin, Nev.



The annual Dusty Times Battle at Prim Feb. 24-26 drew 208 entries about 35 miles south of Las Vegas.

Photos courtesy of Trackside Photo/Mike Stotts


CONTACTS: Mike Henle, The Idea Company Public Relations, 702-279-3483; Brittany Burgos, President, Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts, 702-325-9623;


By Mike Henle

The Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts – known simply as SNORE in off-road racing – has a new president and a promising future heading into the club’s first race of the 2012 race season.

At the helm of the 42 year-old club is Brittany Burgos, a young and energetic off-road enthusiast with a radiant smile, unmatched enthusiasm and an element of expertise that has generated a huge following in a very short period of time.

SNORE’s first race of the year – the annual Battle at Primm Feb. 24-26 about 30 miles south of Las Vegas – is expected to draw more than 225 entries.

In addition, SNORE has announced several new sponsors that have produced a blockbuster six-race series in 2012 worth more than $100,000 in prize money. Sonoco became the latest partner in an agreement that makes the company the official fuel of SNORE while also providing a lucrative “Sunoco Bonus Bucks” program that adds $6,000 to the SNORE prize fund.

“This is going to be a very exciting year,” said Burgos, a 2006 graduate of Centennial High School in Las Vegas. “While it’s true that we had our challenges in 2011, we’re all anticipating that 2012 could very well end up being the best-ever year in the four decades SNORE has been a part of off-road racing.”

Perhaps one of the biggest questions is based on why Burgos would want to take on the monumental task of leading SNORE; when she could have had as much – if not more – fun riding in a race car or serving on a pit crew of the sport she loves.

Throw in the fact that the position of president includes no pay and the dedication factor becomes even bigger.

“I fell in love with SNORE at very young age,” she said. “That love of the club has carried over for many years and I want to see the club succeed in 2012.

“I’m extremely organized and have worked in the various aspects of SNORE including signups; timing; staging; race logistics and planning,” said the native of Las Vegas whose family has been in Southern Nevada for more than five decades. “I have also raced in classes 1450 and 7, too, so I understand that part of the sport, too.”

Perhaps one of Burgos’s big strong points is her understanding of the Bureau of Land Management, which governs usage of desert lands.

“For 2012, we have the strongest relationship with the BLM that SNORE has had in a long time,” she said.

Burgos is also quick to point out that the SNORE memberships has been incredibly supportive not only for her; but also in helping attract the much-needed addition of additional sponsorships.

“Coming off what some will call a tough year in 2011, the entire SNORE organization has come together and rallied on making our organization the best it could be in 2012,” she said. “We could not be where we are today without everyone’s help and dedication.”

In addition, the fact that SNORE now has a woman running the club is certainly unique.

“There certainly are not many women running a race organization,” Burgos said. “I have a lot to prove. There may be many people who question my ability, but I promise I will have gained most everyone’s confidence when we’re done with season.”

The success of the Rage at the River event in 2011 was pivotal in SNORE’s start to a great season in 2012, Burgos added.

“Going into the Rage of the River there were many expectations to be met,” she said. “By the time the green flag dropped, the happiness was evident among all of us. There could not have been a better way to end the year.”

In speaking with several members of SNORE, it is obvious that Burgos has strong support from the club’s membership.

“She will do just fine,” said Kenny Freeman, whose family was involved in the creation of SNORE and who also will serve as race director in 2012. “Brittany has the support of the membership and all of us have been amazed at how quickly she has rallied the troops.”

“I think she has already done an amazing job,” said Burgos’s mother, Debbie. “She has been behind the scenes for the past seven years and knows the inner workings. Her passion is unlike any other. She has the racer’s best interest in mind. There is no hidden agenda at all with her. She wants what is the best for the racers.

“This has given many other women someone to look up to in what is a predominately man’s sport. Racers truly look to her as a leader.”

Steve Olliges, president of Team Ford Lincoln and also a long-time off-road racer, agreed that Burgos will do well.

“She extremely smart when it comes to off-road racing,” said Olliges, a 48-year old who has lived in Las Vegas for more than 40 years. “Her heart is in the right spot. Whether it was watching her line up cars at one in the morning or having her come up to my window at 6:30 in the morning, she is always there. She is as bubbly as ever and loves the sport. She is also a racer, so she understands the sport from all sides including that of a a competitor; as an enthusiast, a promoter and now president of SNORE. She doesn’t get frazzled and people appreciate that.”

The remainder of the 2012 SNORE season will include the PCI Race Radios 300 in Ridgecrest, Calif., April 13-15; the Dusty Times 250 in Caliente, Nev. June 8-10; the KC HiLites Midnight Special Sept.7-9 in Lucerne, Calif.; the SNORE 250 Oct. 26-28 in Pahrump; and the Rage at the River Dec. 7-9 in Laughlin, Nev.



New Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts President Brittany Burgos sees a big year for SNORE heading into the season opening Battle at Primm Feb. 24-26. She is shown receiving Denny Selleck/Don Dayton award from former winner John Pellissier.



Mike Henle, The Idea Company Public Relations, 702-279-3483; Brittany Burgos, President, Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts, 702-325-9623;

LAS VEGAS, Nevada. --  SNORE (Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts), a premier professional off road racing organization, and Sunoco, a world leader in the manufacturing of high quality race fuels, have formed a partnership which now names Sunoco as the Official Fuel of SNORE.  SNORE is also pleased to announce that beginning in 2012 the lucrative “Sunoco Bonus bucks” will be awarded to several classes throughout the year.

“Sunoco has been an important and highly-valued contingency partner to our Series, teams and racers for many years,” said Bryan Freeman, Director of SNORE.  “We are excited to welcome them on as Official Fuel of SNORE”

“Sunoco is extremely pleased with the partnership that has been formed with SNORE” said Bill Rodriguez of Sunoco.  “We look forward to providing the teams and racers with the highest quality fuels on the track, it’s our goal to give more back to the teams and racers through the “Sunoco Bonus Bucks”.

The “Sunoco Bonus Bucks” program will be awarded to the following classes.

  • Class 12 / Dusty Times Battle at Primm /$1,000.00*
  • Class 1600 / PCI Race Radios 300 / $1,000.00*
  • 1st overall / Caliente 250 / $1,000.00*
  • Class 5/1600 / KC Hilites Midnight Special / $1,000.00*
  • Class 7 / SNORE 250 / $1,000.00*
  • Class 11 / Rage at The River / $1,000.00*

Awards will go to the highest finishing vehicle in class using Sunoco Fuel.

Sunoco Race Fuels is the fuel of choice for a prestigious lineup of American motorsports organizations, including AMA Pro Racing, NASCAR, GRAND-AM Road Racing and ARCA.  Sunoco has also been a consistent and valued supplier to grassroots motorsports, with more than 400 race tracks throughout the United States currently offering Sunoco racing gasoline at their facilities.  For more information on Sunoco Race Fuels’ premium products, please call Terri Rodriguez (619-247-1798) or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

SNORE is a premier professional Off-Road racing organization in North America, operating a full schedule of events and championships for a variety of Off-Road classes.





The Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts wrapped up the 2011 season Saturday with a yearend awards banquet at Michael Gaughan’s South Point Hotel Casino.

While the overall and class champions were honored for winning titles, yet another impressive award had to be SNORE’s late race heroics that saw the 43 year-old club hand out more than $34,000 in cash and prizes.

The gathering was the perfect way to kick off the 2012 season with $80,000 plus in cash that will be given at the annual Dusty Times Battle at Primm Feb. 24-26 south of Las Vegas. With an impressive six-race series, the SNORE schedule will also include the PCI Race Radio 300 April 13-15 in Ridgecrest, Calif.; the Dusty Times 250 June 8-10; the KC HiLites Midnight Special Sept. 7-9 in Lucerne, Calif., south of Barstow; the SNORE 250 Oct. 26-28 in Pahrump about 70 miles west of Las Vegas; and the Rage of the River Dec. 7-10 in Laughlin about 100 miles south of Las Vegas.

The banquet complete with the perfect setting along with a great crowd featured a buffet dinner and an efficiently-run awards ceremony that was concluded at about 9:15 p.m. before SNORE’s members danced the night away.

Among the class winners honored were Kyle Conlon, Class 1 and overall; Todd Wylie, Unlimited Truck; Kevin Ellis, Class 10; Cody Reid, Class 12; Steve Alexander, Class 5; Kenny Freeman, Class 1-2 1600; Mike Boone, Class 5/1600; Daniel Maurer, Class 18; Daniel Lutz, Class 9; Garrett Evans, Class 8; Russ Ramsey, Class 7; Robbie Cockrell, Class 7s;  Monte Tibbitts, Heavy Metal; Robert Johnson, Class 11; Jesus Galvan, Class 1450; Tony Scott, Class 1500; and Arturo Benavides, VORE.

Conlon, who is currently studying the idea of running a trophy truck for the 2012 season, complimented SNORE on 2011.

“They have been doing really well,” said Conlon, a 22 year-old lineman apprentice in the utility business in San Diego. “I ran all six races and we won three out of the six races. We got about $8,000 for winning the championship and it was well worth everything. For me, it’s more of a family thing anyway. My crew is happy and it’s all good.”

Conlon also saluted his father, Kent, who pays for all of his racing.

“These are times that this family will never forget,” said Conlon. “This was my first year of running SNORE and it was one of my better racing experiences that I have had so far.”

Conlon added that while his off-road racing might be deterred in 2012, he definitely plans to return to SNORE events in 2013

Special awards were given to Kenny Freeman, Sportsman of the Year and Driver of the Year; Cody Reid, Rookie of the Year; new SNORE President Brittany Burgos, the Denny Selleck/Don Dayton Award; Bryan Freeman, the Jimmy Schaefer/Al Perino Award; Bruce Fraley, Mechanic of the Year; Engine Builder of the Year, Wiks Racing Engines; Transmission Builder of the Year, Dave Folts Transmission; Race Sponsor of the Year, Butch’s Speed Shop; Hotel sponsor of the Year, Buffalo Bill’s in Primm; Pit Crew of the Year,  Freeman Racing; and Appreciation Awards, SNORE Tech Director Bill Shapley; the Laughlin Tourism Commission, MJ Smith; and Patrick’s Signs, Pat Dean.

“Jimmy Schaefer was a dedicated member of SNORE during its growth years and I’m truly honored to get the award,” said Bryan Freeman, who raced with his father, Kenny, during the 2011 year. “I won’t be racing this year and will be helping the club in various capacities. In a sense, I’ll be doing what Jimmy Shaffer did more than 30 years ago.”

Former SNORE President Kenny Freeman lauded the season while also speaking highly of what’s around the bend for the club.

“We overcame a lot – and that’s an understatement,” Freeman said. “With Brittany in charge, we’re all looking forward to a banner season.”

Burgos added "This has been a wonderful season and truly illustrates the strong SNORE family has become in its 43 years. We delivered what we promised and 2012 is going to be even better especially as it relates to our returning sponsors. I couldn't be more proud then now to call myself a SNORE member"

Long-time former SNORE member Bob Jensen, 88, who belonged to the club from the 1970s until the late 1980s, said SNORE was on the climb again.

“This is wonderful to see SNORE on the rise again,” said Jensen, who was such a dedicated member of the club that he drove an old school bus that was used for the timing crew at SNORE events. “The heart and soul of SNORE is now leading the club and there are good things ahead.”



515: Arizona competitor Todd Wylie and his son, Wyatt, were honored for winning the Unlimited Truck Division points title.



533: Freeman Racing won the Pit Crew of the Year Award at SNORE’s year-end banquet. From left, announcer Anthony Perucci; Brian Adams; Jessica Freeman; and CJ Hutchins.



549: Bryan Freeman captured the Jimmy Schaefer Award at SNORE’s awards banquet.



541: New SNORE President Brittany Burgos won the Denny Selleck/Don Dayton award. She is shown with past winner John Pellissier.



554: Kyle Conlon, center, celebrates his 2011 SNORE overall and Class 1 titles with SNORE President Brittany Burgos and co-rider Cameron Butcher.



555: SNORE danced the night away at its awards banquet Jan. 7 at the South Point Hotel and Casino.


Contacts: Mike Henle, The Idea Company Public Relations, 702-279-3483; Brittany Burgos, SNORE president, 702-325-9623

There was a rush on the city of Laughlin Dec. 9-11 when a throng of off-road racers, their fans and sponsors converged on the area for the annual Rage at the River, a Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts (SNORE) event that attracted some 250 competitors, their race machinery and fans from several states.

According to off-road experts, each off-road racer brings ten people ranging from mechanics to sponsors and fans. With Chamber of Commerce weather for the two days, Laughlin was a true playground; at least for racers who converged on the city about 90 miles south of Las Vegas.

“I couldn’t believe the amount of people at the driver’s meeting Friday night,” said Bill Shapley, SNORE’s race steward. “The tent had people wall-to-wall. There had to be at least 2,500 people there.”

Shapley’s statement fits perfectly with estimates for the Rage at the River, SNORE’s final race of the 2011 season. With two days of heat races over a 12.8-mile course just north of town, this race spectacular had everything from great action to a huge economic boost during what has been termed the worst recession since the Great Depression.

In a nutshell, off-road racers are a hearty group and the Rage at the River was proof of that. Not even economic meltdowns can keep off-roaders from traveling long distances to spend several days in the desert for good fun and good competition.

Racers loved the Rage at the River and so did the fans.

“It was really rough,” said Jason Coleman, a Southern California contractor who captured the 1600 class in a jam-packed field of 34 entries. “This was a lot of fun. I love being here.”

Coleman wasn’t alone in his assessment of the Rage at the River. Even those who weren’t quite as lucky agreed that off-road racing in Laughlin during December was the best possible therapy especially under glorious skies that produced shirt sleeve weather for the majority of each day.

“It was a great race,” said Las Vegas contractor Mark Hutchins, sitting in the back of his pickup while watching the action. “Everything was run on time both days.”

There was no question that the course included a combination of short-course and open desert. In what was a typical tough SNORE course, there are some who won’t forget the layout.

Among those who found the course especially challenging was Southern Nevada real estate executive Day Gang, who competed in the 1600 class.

“I ran hard all day and was running in fourth or fifth position on Saturday,” she said on Facebook after Saturday’s race. “On my last lap, I went for a pass on third place, caught a rut and rolled. I’m super bummed that I did not finish my last lap, but stoked that I ran as fast as I did today. My co-dog Charlene did awesome and stayed calm during a pretty scary roll.

“Thank you to the course workers that eventually got us back over and thanks, too, to Josh for getting the car ready for Sunday.”

Class winners included automobile executive Steve Olliges, Unlimited Truck; Terry Householder, Class 1 Unlimited; Michael Lapaglia, Class 10; Beau Rush, Class 12; Jordan Poole, Class 13; Ryan Desautels, Class 1450; Richard Blunk, Class 15; Chas Dana, Class 3000; Steve Alexander, Class 5; Raul Solano, Class 5-1600; Jason Rodriguez, Class 7; Joe Patelli, Class 8; Michael Ward, Class 9; Dan Unsicker,  Heavy Metal; Scott Wisdom, Stock Bug; Robert Roglin, Stock Full; and Jim Rossi, UTV Pro.

“Having a truck like this is really good in the rough stuff,” said Adam Householder, who drove the first day before turning over the driving duties to his father, Terry, on the second day. “The course is fun. It’s very fast and rough.”

The elder Householder said the family has been coming to Laughlin for many years.

“The race for us was trouble free,” said the 53 year-old Householder, a fire protection contractor in Orange, Calif. “We started on the fourth row Sunday and the dust was pretty bad for the first three laps. This is our third year with SNORE and overall we have been to Laughlin about six times.

“We will absolutely be back. My parents have been going to Laughlin since the 1970s.”

Kyle Conlon, who finished second in Class 1, knew Laughlin would be a good race. His second place finish in overall and Class 1 unlimited earned him the 2012 SNORE championship.

“For the most part, this track is pretty flat with some rough sections,” said Conlon. “It’s definitely a buggy track rather than a truck track. This is really one of those races where you push as hard as you can and you hope to win.  You don’t want to push too hard on the first day and just get to the next day.”

All parties agreed that the Rage at the River near the Colorado River was definitely a highly-successful event.

“The Laughlin Tourism Commission was thrilled to host SNORE’s season ending event,” said MJ Smith of the Laughlin Tourism Commission. “It falls on our second slowest tourism weekend of the year and we love the excitement 4,000 off-road enthusiasts bring to town.”

SNORE President Brittany Burgos concurred with the final result.

“Rage at the River is a race everyone puts on their schedules no matter what organization they race in, and I couldn’t be happier with the turnout for the 2011 RATR,” she said.

Hot off  a challenging but rewarding 2011 season, SNORE heads into the 2012 campaign complete with a long list of sponsors jumping on-board for what promises to be another stellar campaign.

The season kicks off with the Dusty Times Battle at Primm Feb. 24-26 followed by the PCI Race Radios 30 at Ridgecrest, Calif., April 13-15; the Dusty Times 250 in Caliente June 8-10; the KC HiLites Midnight Special Sept. 7-9; the SNORE 250 Oct. 26-28 in Jean; before returning to Laughlin for the Rage at the River Dec. 7-9.



HOUSEHOLDER:The team of Terry and Adam Householder teamed up to win overall and Class 1 titles during SNORE’s Rage at the River Dec. 10-11 in Laughlin, Nev.



LAUGHLIN: SNORE’s Rage at the River drew about 250 entries while also providing the perfect backdrop of Laughlin, Nev. south of Las Vegas.



CONLON: Kyle Conlon finished second in the overall and Class 1 Unlimited class at Laughlin to earn the 2012 SNORE points title.



STARTING LINE: The staging area was jam-packed with vehicles all day long during SNORE’s Rage the River in Laughlin.



Contacts: Mike Henle, The Idea Company Public Relations, 702-279-3483; Brittany Burgos, SNORE acting president, 702-325-9623; MJ Smith,   Executive Director, Laughlin Tourism Commission, 702-298-0459.



Kyle Conlon - Class 1




Todd Wyllie


Kyle Conlon


Kevin Ellis


Cody Reid


Steve Alexander

CLASS 1/2 1600

Kenny Freeman

CLASS 5/1600

Mike Boone


Daniel Maurer


Daniel Lutz


Garrett Evans


Russ Ramsey


Robbie Cockrell


Monte Tibbitts


Robert Johnson


Sportsman Points


CLASS 1450

Jesus Galvan

CLASS 1500

Tony Scott


Arturo Benavides


Pro Points  |  Sportsman Points

In its 42 years, the Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts – SNORE – has experienced its share of challenges and victories.

However,  SNORE’s latest accomplishment in a very short period of time ranks at the peak of victories as the club heads into its Rage at the River Dec. 9-11 in Laughlin, Nev. near the Colorado River.

Considering the sudden rally, most would agree SNORE is closing out one eventful season in glorious fashion while looking forward to what promises to be a record year in 2012.

With a field of entries expected to reach 250 at Laughlin, SNORE has done more than avoid a mild bump in the road to reach the final race of the year.

As an example, SNORE was hit with a suspension by the Bureau of Land Management in June following the running of the  2011 Mint 400 staged north of Las Vegas.

However, that challenge was handled through a revegetation project conducted by several members of SNORE during three consecutive weekends in October and November, and the club is now free of is suspension heading into the last race of the year.

With the suspension lifted and SNORE looking at a green light for the end of this year, sponsors have jumped on board for Laughlin and are lining up for the 2012.

Among the sponsors on board for the Rage at the River event are the Laughlin Tourism Commission; NAPA Chassis; John Calvin’s Dusty Times, Patrick’s Sign; and PCI Race Radios.

The 2012 season has already received strong praise considering repeat sponsorship from various businesses; with most sponsors from 2011 agreeing to participate next year. The club current provides nearly $30,000 in prize money; among the highest payouts in desert racing leading to the line “It Pays to Race SNORE.”

A key addition for six races in 2012 is the participation of Michael Gaughan’s South Point Casino, which will sponsor the SNORE 250 Oct. 26-28 at a yet to be named location.

Others returning with SNORE next year include Dusty Times, PCI Race Radio, KC HiLites and the Laughlin Tourism Commission.

“The club came together during some very challenging times,” said Kenny Freeman, a member of the SNORE board of directors. “At the revegetation, we had youngsters as young as seven and members in their 70s help us correct a bad situation.”

The Laughlin Tourism Commission is a proud sponsor of off-road racing and has partnered with SNORE to provide race teams new and interesting races to race.

“We look forward to another good year of off-road racing action in Laughlin,” Executive Director MJ Smith said. “Rage at the River continues to surprise us and we can’t wait to see the turnout this year.”
LTC is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing tourism in Laughlin. Comprised of the Edgewater Casino Resort, Colorado Bell Hotel Casino, Tropicana Laughlin, River Palms Hotel and Casino, Golden Nugget Laughlin and Harrah’s Laughlin, LTC contributes more than $30 million in economic impact through events.

“LTC cares about the community and will continue to dedicate our efforts to bring new and exciting events to Laughlin,” Smith added.

Laughlin sits on the banks of the Colorado River and attracts thousands of outdoor enthusiasts each year who flock to its shores to enjoy the water and relax with all the amenities of a resort destination.  From riding the waves on jet skis, to relaxing on a scenic cruise, there is something for everyone on the waters of the Colorado. For more information, go to http://www.visitlaughlin.com/www.VisitLaughlin.com.

Freeman reiterated that SNORE appreciates the support that it receives from all of its sponsors.

“SNORE’s membership is comprised of good, dedicated people and this is proof of that. We are a true family.”



Members of the Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts participate in a revegetation program north of Las Vegas which enabled the club to be removed from suspension dealt by the Bureau of Land Management.







Contacts: Mike Henle, The Idea Company Public Relations, 702-279-3483; Brittany Burgos, SNORE acting president, 702-325-9623; MJ Smith,   Executive Director, Laughlin Tourism Commission, 702-298-0459.


Matt Laughlin has a last name that is synonymous with Nevada. His grandfather, Don, is responsible for the creation of the city of the Laughlin, which he found in 1966 when the community consisted of a bankrupt bar on the Colorado River.

In addition, the younger Laughlin is known for his exploits in off-road racing, which he will showcase his talent Dec. 10-11 in a Class 12 entry when the Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts (SNORE) present the wildly-popular Rage at the River over 12.8 mile laps beginning and ending at the Laughlin Events Park.

Now 26, the younger Laughlin is a native of the city with the same name. He works at the family owned L&M Food Service headquartered in Bullhead City, Ariz., supplying Laughlin and Las Vegas hotels with food service and janitorial supplies.

“My dad used to take me to off-road races in Parker when I was a little kid,” Laughlin said. “I’m a first-generation racer. The entire idea was for my dad, Ron, to co-drive with when we started the team almost two years ago.

“My dad is now my crew chief and I have about five buddies that we switch out as co-drivers.”

Laughlin, who graduated from UNLV with a degree in finance in 2007, could not wait to get back home after completing his education.

“All summer long we’re on the river here,” he said. “Then, during the winter, we’re playing in the desert. I love living in Laughlin.”

In the same breath, Laughlin also loves the sport of off-road race.

“Half the time, you can’t even see where you’re going,” he said. “When my dad used to take me to the races, I really enjoyed watching the competition. I guess you could say that I got addicted to the sport.”

Laughlin has done very well competing in the sport of off-road racing.

“The first year, we were just trying to figure out everything,” he said. “This year, we have done the entire SNORE schedule and we have finished in the top five several times.

“We’re going to go for the win this time. The course is in my own back yard and I feel that nobody is going to have more knowledge of the course than me. I am in no disadvantage when it comes to knowing the course. A lot of people look forward to coming here because of the availability of rooms along with the night life.”

Sponsorship for the Laughlin team is provided by his grandfather, who keeps his office at the Riverside Hotel and Casino; along with the family business.

Among Laughlin’s toughest competition is the Freeman family of Henderson which includes Cody and Bryan, last year’s SNORE points champion; along with the Reid family which includes Cody and Daniel Folts.

Sponsors and the city alike love the Rage at the River event considering that the race pumps up the local economy while also bringing another level of fun to the community situated about 70 miles south of Las Vegas.

Among those valuable sponsors who follow SNORE to Laughlin each year are NAPA Chassis; John Calvin’s Dusty Times, a publication that has concentrated on the sport for almost three decades; Patrick’s Sign, which is owned by long-time off-road racer Pat Dean of Las Vegas; and PCI Race Radios, spearheaded by Southern California Trophy Truck driver Scott Steinberger.

“The level of racing is incredible in Laughlin,” said Kenny Freeman, a member of the SNORE board of directors, a competitor in the 1600 class and the current SNORE point leaders. “It’s a combination of short course racing and desert all in one.

“In addition, this is an excellent way for our racers and crew members to end one year while getting ready for the next year. Also, the start-finish line is one block from the Colorado River; and the rooms are even closer. There are ten different properties competing for our business and the hotels there work hard to make us all feel welcome. The people of Laughlin love off-road racing and they want us there.”

Freeman went on to say that the 2010 Laughlin race was the largest special event economically in the area in December. SNORE had 260 entries last year and this year’s field is expected to be just as strong.

The field includes 26 Class 1 Unlimited drivers such as TJ Flores, Kyle Conlon and Terry Householder.



Native Laughlin, Nev. resident Matt Laughlin will power his Class 12 entry in SNORE’s annual Rage at the River off-road event Dec. 11-12.



Contacts: Mike Henle, The Idea Company Public Relations, 702-279-3483; Brittany Burgos, SNORE acting president, 702-325-9623; MJ Smith,   Executive Director, Laughlin Tourism Commission, 702-298-0459.


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