By Mike Henle
Craig Williams is better known as a top-rated radio personality who can be heard in Las Vegas on KOMP 92.3 every weekday morning.
A native of Southern Nevada., the 51 year-old Williams will be among a field of about 170 entries Friday through Sunday when the Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts’ HOSTYLE Rage at the River converges on Laughlin.
In fact, the personable Williams has found the ideal way to relax in his Class 1800 off-road buggy, even though the challenges are huge and the sport can be expensive.
Originally invited to attend a SNORE race in about 1986 by Bekki Wik, whose family has been involved with SNORE for more than 40 years, Williams has been hooked since Day One.
Ironically, Williams found out about the sport the hard way. Like the radio business that he has been in since 1986, he’s a true survivor.
“He rode with my dad (Ken, Sr.) in the SNORE Bottom Dollar at Nellis Dunes and the car rolled in the early stages of the race,” explained Kenny Freeman, Jr. “I asked him last year in December to see if he wanted to come out again.
“He came out to the Battle of Primm and actually did pretty well. “He finished second and he has raced every race except one this year.”
Freeman said that Williams’ dedication to the sport is evidenced by how he has done this year.
“He has been in the hunt in every race,” Freeman said. “He’s had a gremlin hit him a couple of times, but he’s been either the leader or right on the heels of first place in most races.”
Williams, a 1979 graduate of Virgin Valley High School in Mesquite, admits that he’s hooked on off-road racing. In fact, he may become SNORE’s Rookie of the Year.
“It’s pretty awesome,” said Williams, who moved to Las Vegas in 1986.
“I am most definitely hooked on off-road racing,” explained Williams, who has worked with Lotus Broadcasting in Las Vegas for 26 years. “It’s a great relaxation for me. It’s fast and it’s furious but at the same time it’s relaxing because I cannot focus on anything but the car and the course.
“When you’re in an off-road race car, the everyday stresses simply go away. You can’t think about anything else but driving a car. The adrenalin rush is really good for you. It’s a natural anti-depressant.”
Williams really didn’t think he would continue in off-road race after his first race.
“I talked to Kenny and thanked him for the experience and hit him up for another ride at the same time,” he laughed. “I’m second in points right now and as long as I finish in Laughlin, I’ll end up second in points behind Jon Pellisier in the class.
“I’m pretty proud of that.”
Williams loves the short-course layouts such as the one that will be used in Laughlin.
“I think the short course racing is the direction that the sport is going,” he said. “It’s excellent for the fans and I also think it’s good for the sport. If you break down, you can get to the pit. I had so much fun at Primm. 
“Short-course racing is our future, like it or not.”
Williams’ family includes his wife of 11 years, Amanda; along with a daughter, Alyssa, 9.
“My wife is wonderful,” said Williams. “She supports me in everything I do. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”
The car Williams drives belongs to Freeman.
“Kenny just put me in it to have a little fun and the rest is history. Look for me to be on the podium much more in 2013.
SNORE will also bring its 2012 awards banquet to Laughlin the beginning of January. Details will be released later.
craig 2nd place SNORE 250
Long-time Las Vegas radio personality Craig Williams will be back in the driver’s seat during SNORE’s HOSTYLE Rage at the River
Contacts: Kenny Freeman, SNORE Race Director, 702-232-6296; Brittany Burgos, SNORE President, 702-325-9623; Mike Henle, The Idea Company Public Relations, 702-279-3483; MJ Smith, Laughlin 702-298-2212; or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Craig Williams, 702-876-1460.
By Mike Henle
You might say that the city of Laughlin, Nev. has formed an official partnership with the Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts.
Fresh off the heartwarming Wish Ride to benefit youngsters fighting cancer Nov. 3 in Laughlin, SNORE returns to the city alongside the Colorado River Dec. 7-9 for its year-ending HOSTYLE Presents Rage at the River, a two-day off-road extravaganza that is expected to draw more than 170 entries.
The Wish Ride, which took a two year sabbatical, came back in full force with 49 cancer victims, their families and their friends converging on the Laughlin Events Park for a day of good times.
SNORE drivers brought everything from buggies to trucks and provided rides over a specially-prepared five-mile course; while giving kids the chance to (a) experience the sport and (b) get away from the stresses related to dealing with life-threatening illnesses.
The oldest off-road racing body in the country, SNORE was formed in 1969 although the Wish Ride was a new addition to the schedule this year.
“This is one of those feel-good events, for sure,” said SNORE President Brittany Burgos. “SNORE is a family club anyway and most of our members have children.
“So when the chance came to help present the Wish Ride, we put the event in high gear and together with the wonderful people of the Laughlin Tourism Commission, we were able to put smiles on a lot of face; and frankly haven’t had much to smile about lately in the eyes of many of those struggling with cancer.”
SNORE Vice President Jon Pellissier and other members of SNORE have worked diligently all year long to not only provide off-road races, but also give back to Southern Nevada at the same time. He was quick to point out that every off-road race requires intense planning and follow up; and the Wish Ride was no different.
“We could not have pulled this off without the help of MJ Smith and her partners of the Laughlin Tourism Commission,” Pellissier said, adding that buses donated by Laughlin Event Partners provided the badly-needed transportation to get the young people and their families to the track.
“Even more importantly, the Laughlin Tourism Commission and its properties provided the rooms for the families; and Brett and Christie Dennis of Laughlin added extra money to cover the expenses of transportation. Dollar Loan Center of Las Vegas also donated funds to help with the transportation.”
Better yet was the fact that the Wish Ride generated about $6,000 for the Make a Wish Foundation of Southern Nevada; and the amount is expected to increase even more considering that SNORE is going to pass the hat at the HOSTYLE presents the Rage at the River.
“We’re not done yet either,” said Kenny Freeman, who serves as SNORE’s race director.  
“We love coming to Laughlin where we are treated so well by the people there. Overall, we race in several communities each year, but I think it goes without saying that while every site is special Laughlin, is like a second home to many of us.
“And it’s also true that the young people struggling to beat cancer feel the same way considering how well the Wish Ride went this year.  All of us at SNORE feel as though the Wish Ride will remain in Laughlin for years to come; along with great auto racing, too.”
Off-road racing is important to Laughlin, according to Smith, who moved from Tucson, Ariz., to assume her role with Laughlin Tourism Commission in 2008.
“For each of SNORE’s events dating back to 2010, the economic impact for each race averages $5 million,” explained Smith. “This race comes to Laughlin on our second slowest weekend of the year. I cannot stress how important this event is to our families of this community.
“It really is important to us and we have strived to make it successful and make sure it continues. We understand that race teams have a lot of choices. It’s humbling for us to see so many race teams return each year.”
SNORE will also bring its 2012 awards banquet to Laughlin the beginning of January. Details will be released later.
The Laughlin Tourism Commission is comprised of the Colorado Belle, the Edgewater, the Tropicana Laughlin, River Palm; Golden Nugget Laughlin; Pioneer Gambling Hall and Harrah’s Laughlin.
The Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts (SNORE) returns to Laughlin, Nev., its home-away-from home Dec. 7-9 for the annual HOSTYLE Presents Rage on the River. SNORE combined with Laughlin leaders and other sponsors to present the Wish Ride for youngsters battling cancer Nov. 3.
M.J. Smith of the Laughlin Tourism Commission welcomes the throng prior to the Nov. 3 Wish Ride for youngsters battling cancer. The event was co-promoted several groups including the Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts, which heads back to Laughlin Dec. 7-9 for the HOSTYLE Presents Rage at the River off road race.
Contacts: Kenny Freeman, SNORE Race Director, 702-232-6296; Brittany Burgos, SNORE President, 702-325-9623; Mike Henle, The Idea Company Public Relations, 702-279-3483; MJ Smith, Laughlin 702-298-2212; or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
By Mike Henle
PRIMM, Nev. (Oct. 21, 2012) – You might say that the 43rd annual SNORE 250 presented by EXA 94.5 here Oct. 20-21 was a true testament to a hearty group of off-road enthusiasts who refuse to surrender. The event venue had to be moved from Pahrump in early September to a ten-mile course behind Buffalo Bill’s after a breakdown in negotiations with Bureau of Land Management.
Pahrump, situated about 80 miles northwest of this city, had been primed for a Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts event only to see the certain economic boost escape because of a breakdown with the BLM.
Race Director Kenny Freeman explained that the BLM wanted an outlandish amount of money to permit the race; adding “they wanted more for our race than the Mint 400 was this year. It was insane.”
Nonetheless, one of the nation’s longest-running off-road events was completed after attracting an impressive field of about 70 entries in several classes.
And in virtually every case, drivers, their crews and the fans all concurred that SNORE again pulled off a dandy effort despite a monumental challenge.
In an area where magicians are a dime-a-dozen, SNORE literally pulled a rabbit out of a hat.
“We are very happy with how everything turned out,” said SNORE’s first-year president Brittany Burgos, who saluted club members for a true teamwork effort while also thanking executives with Buffalo Bill’s for accommodating SNORE’s fourth race of the season. “It certainly got a little tense, but it all turned out fine.”
The EXA 94.5 SNORE 250, which originated in southwest Las Vegas on what is now the posh Spanish Trail Country Club, was non-stop action. With heat races starting at 7 a.m. each day, the weekend extravaganza had everything from Sportsman and Class 9 to the earth-rumbling Class 1s and Unlimited Trucks.
The always-smiling TJ Flores of North Las Vegas combined with Stephanie Reynolds of Hope, Ark., to take the overall and Unlimited Truck victories.
“I was able to air it out a few times,” said Flores, whose ride is owned by Reynolds, whose own racing career is known for her competition in UTV races. “We had a flawless weekend and the truck ran great.”
Jason Coleman, the talented 28 year-old Huntington Beach, Calif. charger, won the highly-competitive 1600 category escaping a strong field including nemesis Blaine Conrad.
Coleman’s victorious weekend gave him his second consecutive SNORE 250 triumph; along with his second straight SNORE win after taking the win SNORE/MORE KC HiLites Midnight Special Sept. 8 in Lucerne Valley, Calif., south of Barstow.
“Our Wiks racing engine was strong all weekend,” said the likeable Coleman. “Our win should really tighten up the points standings, too.”
Coleman added that he would attend the Baja 1000 before ending the year in Laughlin where SNORE will present the HOSTYLE presents Rage at the River Dec.7-9; along with the heart-warming Make a Wish Ride for children that are terminally ill.
Capitalizing with his co-driver Jeremy Munyon, Coleman quickly looked forward to SNORE’s final event of the year; the HOSTYLE presents Rage at the River Dec. 7-9 in Laughlin, Nev.
Vic Bruckmann, a 39 year-old electrician from Lemon Grove, Calif., was among the others with huge smiles following his victory in the Class 12 competition.
“The weekend went incredibly well,” said Bruckmann, who made the trek to Primm with his wife of nine years, Michelle; and the couple’s four year-old son, Lucas. “We barely got the motor in time and I can’t say enough about George Jimenez, who built it.”
In fact, while Bruckmann certainly had to burn the midnight oil for the race, he was also happy with the revised format.
“We had a great race and I actually like the Grand Prix types of races like these,” Bruckmann said. “Randy Jones held me to it all weekend.”
Mrs. Bruckman, who also runs a Class 5 entry in some off-road races, praised her hard-working husband.
“He works very hard on the car,” Michelle said of her husband. “We are really happy with the engine performance.”
One of the most spirited efforts of the weekend was turned in by 19 year-old Harley Young, a resident of Barstow who just enrolled in Barstow Community College.
“I have been around off-road racing all my life,” said the energetic and inspirational Young, who powered a Class 9 entry.
“I got a car three years ago and then built this one. It’s my first win in this car.”
Young was also quick to compliment SNORE.
“It’s really nice that they were able to pull this off,” he said. “Everything worked out and I really enjoy SNORE. This is a very friendly group and everyone is willing to help one another.”
Another repeat winner was John Pellissier, whose bald head and big smile might earn him the modern day nickname of “Mr. Clean.” A kingpin of Class 18, Pellissier journeyed from Las Vegas to continue his domination of the Champ category.
“It was a tough course, for sure,” said Pellissier. “It had a little bit of everything and we enjoyed every bit of it.”
Pellissier’s co-driver, Jayson Kirchefer, 27, also enjoyed the memorable event. The two work at the World Market Center in Las Vegas.
“I really enjoyed it,” said Kirchefer, who used to ride with Cody Freeman.
Long-time SNORE regular Bill Shapley may have put it best Saturday when he added “This was a blast. Anyone who missed it really missed a great one.”
Next up for SNORE is the annual HOSTYLE presents Rage at the River in Laughlin, Nev. Dec. 7-9.
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For photos of the event, please contact Mike Stotts at
Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts
43rd annual EXA 94.5
Oct. 20-21, 2012
Primm, Nevada
Overall results
1. No. 80 TJ Flores and Stephanie Reynolds. 2:07.37; 2. No. 156 Richard Boyle, 2:14.22; 3. No. 51 Steve Olliges, 2:18.34.


Z TJ Flores-Unlimited-Heat-5 004
TJ Flores is sky-high en route to the overall and Unlimited Truck victory Oct. 21 in the EXA 94.5 SNORE 250 in Primm, Nev. (Photo by Mike Stotts/Trackside)


Z Jason-Coleman Heat-4 img 045
Jason Coleman of Huntington Beach, Calif. outlasted Blaine Conrad to capture the 1600 class of the EXA 94.5 SNORE 250 in Primm, Nev. (Photo by Mike Stotts/Trackside).


There was no shortage of rollovers during the EXA 94.5 SNORE 250 in Primm, Nev.; and race sponsor Eric Palacios was just one of them (Mike Stotts/Trackside).


CONTACTS: Mike Henle, The Idea Company Public Relations, 702-279-3483.



PRIMM, Nev. -- The EXA 94.5 Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts enters into the 43rd year of the EXA 94.5 SNORE 250 here Saturday and Sunday with a new three-day format.

And one driver, 28 year-old Huntington Beach, Calif., contractor Jason Coleman wouldn’t miss the race no matter what.

“The second half of the season has been better so far,” said Coleman, a big believer in SNORE who is currently second in the overall points behind Roger Starkey of Burbank, Calif. “We won the SNORE 250 last year and wouldn’t miss it.”

Coleman runs in the brutally competitive Class 16 category, while Starkey is in Class 10.

“We have considered running in other series events, but keep coming back to SNORE because we love what it offers,” Coleman said. “SNORE has the best competition for 1600. It’s always fun.”

Coleman, who said that he has considered building a Class 10 car, said his biggest concern in 1600 is fellow 1600 driver Blaine Conrad, who is currently fourth in the overall points with 2,367 points.

Good teamwork has been a key ingredient for Coleman this year. Pit crew members Jason Brisco (prep) along with Mike Hill, R.J. Dewitt and Jeremy Munyon are also considered significant reasons for Coleman’s success.

For the first time in the history of the SNORE 250, the format will include two days of racing over a 10-mile course. Originally scheduled over a long course in Pahrump west of Las Vegas, SNORE had to scramble and moved the race to Primm when an agreement couldn’t be reached with the BLM in Pahrump.

“We really had to get moving,” said SNORE Race Director Kenny Freeman. “We just didn’t have much time and thankfully, we were able to work out an agreement with the folks in Primm for this year’s SNORE 250.”

SNORE will kick off the event Friday with a fun run from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. Tech Inspection and contingency will be from 1:30 – 7:30 and then a drivers meeting is set for 8 p.m.

Heat races will begin each day at 7 a.m. and run all day long. The awards are scheduled for 7 p.m. Sunday.

Further information can be found by visiting

2012 SNORE Kar Tek overall points standings
1. Roger Starkey (10) 2,679; 2. Jason Coleman (10) 2.634; 3. John Pellissier (18) 2,582; 4. Blaine Conrad (1600) 2,367; 5. Greg Crew (12) 2305; 6. Robert Johnson (11) 2235; 7. Richard Boyle (1) 2,148; 8. Giti Gowland (9) 2,147; 9. Michael Benedict (12) 1,115; 10. Jeff Bruner (16) 2,090.

Class 1 – Richard Boyle, 2,148; 2. CJ Hutchins 1485; 3. TJ Flores 1,397; 4. Kelly Mather 1,224; 5. Josh Daniel 775; 6. Sean Mecham 710; 7.Brian Wyborny 680; 8. Johnny Greaves 658; 9. Kevin Colan 645; 10. Jim Knox 640.
Class 7 – 1. Steven Albrecht 1,408; 2. Kevin Soder 667; 3. Cronus Dillard 603; 4.Brian Simmer 598; 5. Broc Hersam 455; 6. Keith Smith 360; 7. Dana Dague 340.
Class 8 – 1. Richard Waite 507; 2.. Joe Patelli 471.
Class 9 – 1. Giti Gowland 2,147; 2. Brian Caudill 1,,872; 3. Brandon Holly 1,167; 4. Brandon Wright 1,080; 5. Tyler Peterson 1,000; 6. Paul Robinson 955. 7. Kyle Vizzo 920; 8. Eric Muller 730; 9. Kyle Cox 711; 10. Jimmy Taranto 704.
Class 10 – 1. Roger Starkey 2,679; 2. Hunter Buettner 1,875; 3. Blaine McDonald 1,810; 4. Cody Jeffers 1,204; 5. Brett Mauer 880; 6. James Dean 750; 7. Cody Reid 744; 8. Clay Flippin 712; 9. Bekki Wik 635; 10. Bill Zolg 62.
Class 11 – 1. Robert Johnson 2,253; 2. Steve Bertrand 1,502; 3. Michael Brenner 1,465; 4. Chris Anderson 1,075; 5. Dave Cote 714; 6. Gary Herrod 672; 9. Ryan McCrory 585; 10. Chris Green 565.
Class 12 – 1. Greg Crew 2,305;2. Michael Benedict 2,115; 3. Ken Tappert 1,227; 4. Brady Wisdom 1,135; 5. Bob Dziurawiec 1,127; 6. Vic Bruckman 1,099; 7. Steve Waters 1,080; 8. Ralph Potts 706; 9. Paul Keller 667; 10.Danny Savant 640.
Class 18 – 1. John Pellissier 2,582; 2. Cody Freeman 1,128; 3. Anthony Perrucci 962; 4. Craig Williams 827; 5. Daniel Maurer 760.
Class 3000 – 1. John Gould 1,688; 2. Jay Wallick 691; 3. Ryan Frisby 672; 4. Braden Abati 622; 5. Dan Pfister 560.
Class 1-2 1600 – 1. Jason Coleman 2,634; 2. Blaine Conrad 2,367; 3. Jeff Bruner 2,090; 4. Bryan Myers 1,245; 5. Daniel Bellefontaine 1,149.
Class 5 Unlimited – 1. AJ Martin 706; 2. Steven Hall 637; 3. Richard Garavito 595; 4. Steve Griffith 575; 5. Ben Swift 555.
Class 5-1600 1. Tom Bird 1,594; 2. Guy Savedra 684; 3. Larry Antuna 627; 4.Marc Deshane 580; 5. Mark Lundberg 497.
Heavy Metal – 1. Jonathon Libby 590; 2. Brian Bonham 340.
7S – 1. Ken Dixon 519; 2. Steven Marsee 397,
Unlimited Truck – 1. Steve Olliges 1735; 2. Chris Kemp 1,267; 3. George Pondella 979; 4. Bryce Menzies 710; 5. Tony Scott 698.
Southern California Jason Coleman will be in Primm Oct. 19-21 for the annual SNORE 250 off road race.
CONTACT: Mike Henle, The Idea Co. Public Relations, 702-279-3483.
By Mike Henle

LUCERNE VALLEY, Calif. (Sept. 8, 2012) – With a field of 160 entries for the annual KC HiLites Midnight Special here Saturday, there was no question that the event was destined to be a blockbuster.

The area here about 30 miles south of Barstow was turned into a city with a steady stream of motorhomes and trailers turning the desert into a rush of everything from Class 1 power plants to the strong field of Class 11 buggies.

With 73-mile laps awaiting the field, the KC HiLites Midnight Special had more variables than any form sports considering the 100-degree temperatures to open the event; the darkness that fell a couple of hours after the start; and the incredible dust that lingered through the entire event thanks to the fact that there was literally no wind.

In what was a picture-perfect field of drivers who obviously like more than a mild challenge, the KC HiLites Midnight Special had everything from temperatures of about 100 degrees to start the race along with the rest including darkness, dust, rough racing conditions and mechanical issues that are inherent with the classic sport of off-road racing.

A co-production of the Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts (SNORE) and the Mojave Off Road Enthusiasts (MORE), there was certainly no shortage of entries (160 started the race) in a scene with motorhomes and trailers that could be seen for miles in every direction.

Off-road racers and their fans have always been known for their dedication to the sport; and this particular production was certainly evidence of the fact. Drivers, crew members and fans came from several states to be a part of the KC HiLites Midnight Special.

Among the drivers savoring the experience was talented Costa Mesa, Calif., resident Jason Coleman, a 28 year-old SNORE champion (2010) who captured the victory in the highly-competitive Class 1-2 1600 category.

Winning SNORE races is certainly nothing unusual for Coleman, whose victories have also been recorded in the SNORE 250 and Rage at the River events.
“It was very rough out there,” said the personable Coleman, who makes his living as a general contractor. “Our car was fabulous and the crew was awesome.”
Coleman had never raced in Lucerne before.

“I’m in the points chase so this was important to me,” he said. “Racing at night is something that we don’t get to do very often and it’s a whole different thing. It’s always a good time.”

Most everyone agreed with Coleman’s analysis that the course was rough and one fellow driver said earlier, “It’s so rough out there are Class 1 cars stuck all over the course.

“It’s Barstow rough.”

SNORE, which has soared in popularity at each race this year, continues the saga of the rich 2012 KarTek points series Oct. 26-28 with the running of the annual SNORE 250.
Jason Coleman, left, is pictured with co-driver Jeremy Munyon after winning Class 1600 Saturday in the Midnight Special south of Barstow.
High-flying California driver Jason Coleman won the Class 1-2 1600 competition during the annual MORE/SNORE KC HiLites Midnight Special Sept. 8 in Lucerne Valley, Calif. (Trackside photo)
A great following of drivers and fans at the annual SNORE/MORE Midnight Special Sept. 8 in Lucerne Valley, Calif., included a huge turnout of competitors during the drivers meeting prior to the race.


Cody Reid roared to the Class 10 victory during the huge MORE/SNORE Midnight Special Sept. 8 in Lucerne Valley, Calif.
SNORE/MORE KC HiLites Midnight Special
Saturday, Sept. 8
Lucerne Valley, Calif.

Class 1 – 1. 3 Chris Kemp, 6:47.30, five laps; 2. 1563 Richard Boyle; 7:15.48, five laps; 3. 22 Rick Romans, 7:17.02, five laps;  4. 155 Brian Wyborny, 7:25.09, five laps; 5. 51 Steve Olliges 7:31.07, five laps;  6. 144 Jim Knox 7:36.50, five laps;   7. 179 Eric Harp, 7:45.00; five laps; 8. 158 Daniel Wingering 7:52.30; five laps; 9. 157S Tom Koch 8:03.04, five laps.

Class 1-2 1600 – 1. 1623 Jason Coleman, 6:17.24, four laps; 2. 1631 Bryan Myers 6:36.16, four laps; 3. 1691 Joey Westhoff, three laps; 4. 1628 Daniel Bellefontaine, three laps; 5. 2055 Scott Boyd, three laps; 6. 1650 Chad Baeskens, three laps; 7. 1631 Will McCool, three laps; 8. 1673 Mike Ward, three laps; 9. 1601 Matt Ferrato, three laps.

Class 10 – 1. 1068 Cody Reid, 5:52.02, four laps; 2. 1067 Roger Starkey, 5:56.49, four laps; 3. 1092 Cody Jeffers, 6:11.09, four laps; 4. 1036 Bill Zolg, 6:24.18, four laps; 5. 1019 Karl Scanlan, three laps; 6. 1096 Allan Lindsey, three laps; 7. 1077 Randy Ellis, three laps; 8. Sammy Ehrenberg, three laps; 9. 1014 Blain McDonald, three laps; 10. 1017 Jeff Krantz , three laps; 11. 1006 Hector Garcia, three laps; 12. 1021 Kathy Kirkmeyer, three laps.

Class 11 – 1. 1138 Chris Anderson, 4:42.54, two laps; 2. 1179 Michael Brenner, one lap; 3. 1100 Robert Johnson, one lap; 4. 1127 David Gunn, one lap.

Class 12 – 1217 Ralph Potts 6:12.02, four laps; 2. 1281 Danny Savant, three laps; 3. 1271 Keith Rogovin, three laps; 4. 1212 Greg Crew, three laps; 5. 1215 Michael Benedict, three laps.

Class 13 – 1. 1368 Jordan Poole, 5:04.17, three laps; 2. 1367 Evan Dixon, two laps; 3. 1307 Adam Spitz, two laps; 4. 1331 Bryon Reid, two laps; 5. 1336 Bree Cloud, two laps.

Class 1400 – 1. 1447 Darren Parsons, 5:04.55, three laps; 2. 1401 Bryson Hope, 5:55.23, three laps; 3.1417 Jason Wadsworth, three laps; 4. 1407 Josh Williams, three laps; 5. 1413 Sal Gomez, three laps; 6. 1416 Kevin Knight, three laps; 7. 1423 Jeff Musgrave, three laps; 8. 1412 Daniel Fertel, three laps.

Class 1450 – 1. 1490 Chris Amrein, 4:38.50, two laps; 4:38.50; 2. 1428 Kevin McKeown 5:01.38, two laps; 3. 1474 Kenny Flowers, 5:23.38, two laps; 3, 1496 Rhonda Koch Parkhouse, 5:39.20, two laps.

Class 1700 – 1. 1721 George Mortis 2:45.14, one lap; 2. 1709 Austin Stobaugh, 4:16.10, one lap.

Class 18 – 1. 1801 Cody Freeman 6:57.34, three laps; 2. John Pellissier, two laps.

Class 3000 – 1. 3088 Jay Wallick, 6:28.44, four laps; 2. 3060 Braden, three laps; 3. 3009 John Gould, three laps; 4. 3019 Dan Pfister, three laps.

Class 5-1600 – 1. 569 Guy Savedra, 5:18.27, three laps; 2. 570 Larry Antuna, 5:26.27, three laps; 3. 559 Marc Deshane, three laps.

Class 7U – 1. 7242 Brian Simmer, 5:05.38, three laps; 2. 7299 Keith Smith, one lap.

Class 8 – 1. 8002 Joe Patelli, 5:42.43 three laps.

Class 9 – 1. 996 Jimmy Taranto, 5:53.58, three laps; 2. 984 George Ventura, 6:08.13, three laps; 3. 904 Tyler Peterson, 6:18.22, three laps. 924 Mike Brown, 6:20.54, three laps.

Next race: Oct. 26-28, SNORE 250.

Contacts: Kenny Freeman, SNORE Race Director, 702-232-6296; Brittany Burgos, SNORE President, 702-325-9623; Mike Henle, The Idea Company Public Relations, 702-279-3483.

By Mike Henle

LAS VEGAS -- At the age of 44, John Pellissier is having the time of his life after taking a year off from off-road racing. The 3 ½ year employee of the World Market Center in Las Vegas returned full-time to with renewed life and enthusiasm and the combination is obviously paying off.

Heading into the annual KC HiLites Midnight Special set for Sept. 7-9 in Lucerne, Calif., in season’s fourth event, Pellissier has recorded three Class 18 victories during the rich 2012 SNORE KarTek schedule. He leads his class and sits second in the overall standings behind Class 10 driver Roger Starkey.

Starkey, a California competitor, has 1,974 points, only four ahead of the hard-charging Pellissier, a native of Las Vegas who graduated from Bonanza High School in 1985.

“This is my 25th year with SNORE,” said Pellissier, a heating, ventilation and air conditioning engineer with the World Market Center. “My old boss Darren Wilson had race cars in the shop and I helped him on the pit crew. We ran SNORE races along with the Parker 400 back in 1986.

“My best friend Rich Sibelrud asked me to help him build a Class 9 car in 1988 and I have been hooked ever since.”

Pellissier finally met long-time SNORE member Kenny Freeman in 1994. He co-rode with Freeman for six years, joined the board of directors in 2001, finally became sergeant at arms from 2003-2005 and was president in 2006-07.

During his tenure on the board of directors, Pellissier also raced to a championship in the Limited Sportsman class. Needless to say, he has been a busy man especially considering that he also plays bass in a band performing all over Southern Nevada.

“I guess you could say that I’m pretty good at multi-tasking,” laughed Pellissier, whose co-driver Robby Guevera also doubles as a Legend Car driver at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

The 2012 season has certainly seen its share of good times. Pellissier won the Dusty Times Battle at Primm Feb. 25-26; the PCI Radios 300 in Ridgecrest April 14; the Dusty Times 250 in Caliente June 9.

“I actually enjoyed the Ridgecrest race most of all,” Pellissier said of an event staged north of Barstow, Calif. “It was a very rough and technical race.”

However, the entire season has been an absolute thrill for Pellissier, who is now the vice president of SNORE.

“This has been surreal,” said Pellissier. “When you get hooked on off-road racing, it becomes very addictive. In fact, this is actually a childhood dream-come-true considering that I used to go to all of the Mint 400 races in the late-1970s. In those days, we all cut school to spend the day out at the Mint 400 watching some very well-known drivers like Parnelli Jones, Rod Hall, Walker Evans, Roger Mears, Ivan Stewart and Mickey Thompson.

“These guys were our heroes back in those days and to a degree, I feel as though I now understand why all of them competed in the sport. Off-road racing provides a huge thrill whether you’re one of the big boys or someone like me. It’s just a great adrenalin rush whether you’re in the car or standing in the desert watching the vehicles go by.

“If the sport of off-road racing doesn’t get your blood going, nothing will.”

Pellissier praises the competitors, officers and volunteers with SNORE.

“SNORE is still rising during a tough economy,” Pellissier said. “We’re strong and steady thanks to the racers, the volunteers and our officers who have shown incredible dedication. Our president Brittany Burgos has done a great job of rallying everyone together.”

SNORE’s next race on the KarTek schedule is the KC HiLites Midnight Special Sept. 7-9 in Lucerne, Calif.

2012 SNORE KarTek Point Series

Overall standings: 1. Roger Starkey, Class 10, 1,974. 2. John Pellissier, Las Vegas, 1,970; 3. Blaine Conrad, Class 1-2 1600 1,932; 4. Jason Coleman, Class 1-2 1600, 1,888; 5. Greg Crew, Class 12, 1,725; 6. Jeff Bruner, 1-2 1670; 7. Robert Johnson, Class 11, 1,628; 8. Giti Gowland, Class 9, 1,612; 9.Michael Benedict, Class 12, 1,555; 10. Hunter Buettner, Class 10, 1,520.

Sportsman – 1. Jordan Poole, LTD Sport, 2,123; 2. Darren Parsons, 1450, 1,958; 3. Jeremy Smeltzer, 1450, 1,686; 4. Billy Shapley, LTD Sport, 1,612; 5. Breanna Cloud, LTD Sport, 1,310; 6. Evan Dixon, LTD Sport, 1,159; 7. Mike Montes, LTD Sport, 1,090; 8. Eric Trondle, UNL Sport, 1,055; 1,067; 9. Kevin McKeown, 1450, 1,055; 10. Jack Bassett, LTD Sport, 995.


Native Las Vegan John Pellissier, left, now leads the Class 18 points standings in SNORE’s 2012 KarTek points standings; and also sits runner up in the overall standings after three events. He is shown with co-driver Robby Guevara at the Caliente Dusty Times 250 June 23.


Contacts: Kenny Freeman, SNORE Race Director, 702-232-6296; Brittany Burgos, SNORE President, 702-325-9623; Mike Henle, The Idea Company Public Relations, 702-279-3483.

By Mike Henle

LAS VEGAS -- With the Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts at the halfway point of the 2012 SNORE KarTek season, Southern California Class 10 competitor Roger Starkey is on the gas.

After mounting 1,974 points to hold a narrow four-point lead over Las Vegas Class 18 driver John Pellissier, Starkey is coming off a fourth-place class finish in the Dusty Times 250 run in Caliente, Nev. June 23 after taking victories in the Battle at Primm in January and the PCI Radios 300 in Ridgecrest, Calif., in April.

In addition, the 28 year-old Starkey has a 454 point lead over Hunter Buettner in the Class 10 standings after taking class triumphs at the Battle of Primm in January and Ridgecrest in April.

For Starkey, it was first-things first when it came to off-road racing. Now involved in medical device sales for St. Judes Medical, he can concentrate on two careers.

“I got back into the sport about three years ago,” said the resident of Burbank, Calif., adding that he took eight years off from the sport to get his college education. “I went to college at Arizona State University majoring in business; and then went to the University of South Carolina for my graduate degree.”

With his education now firmly tucked under his belt, Starkey can follow a family tradition of off-road racing that was started by his father, Roger, Sr.

“Our parents encouraged us to get our college degrees,” explained the younger Starkey, who began off-road racing in high school. “My two older sisters also got their degrees. Our grades were always No. 1 in our family. It wasn’t a choice.”

Now sporting a new Class 10 car, off-road racing with SNORE could also prove profitable if Starkey scores class and overall titles this year.

And besides, there is nothing like getting out in the desert and planting his foot to the floor. Friendships made while racing with SNORE last for decades.

With a crew that includes his dad; along with his sister, Michelle Eyman and her husband, Zach; along with several friends the SNORE series is a great family experience.

“We love it out there,” Starkey said. “There is a huge adrenalin rush that you get for 4-6 hours. We love the fact that we can bring good equipment and put ourselves through a real test.”

In the same breath, Starkey is enthusiastic about running the SNORE KarTek series.

“This is my first year running full-time with SNORE,” he said. “It’s an awesome experience. We’re going to try hard to win the championship. I’m a super-competitive guy.”

Starkey broke a tie rod in Caliente in a car that actually started out as a Class 12 before the team added modifications.

“Hopefully, we won’t have too many problems,” Starkey said. “It would be nice if I could add that extra notch and win the SNORE title.

“It would definitely be icing on the cake.”

SNORE’s next race is the Midnight Special Sept. 7-9 in Lucerne Valley, Calif.


2012 SNORE Kartek Point Series

Overall standings: 1. Roger Starkey, Class 10, 1,974. 2. John Pellissier, Las Vegas, 1,970; 3. Blaine Conrad, Class 1-2 1600, 1,932; 4. Jason Coleman, Class 1-2 1600, 1,888; 5. Greg Crew, Class 12, 1,725; 6. Jeff Bruner, 1-2 1670; 7. Robert Johnson, Class 11, 1,628; 8. Giti Gowland, Class 9, 1,612; 9.Michael Benedict, Class 12, 1,555; 10. Hunter Buettner, Class 10, 1,520;



Roger Starkey of Burbank, Calif., has powered his Class 10 car to the overall 2012 SNORE KarTek points lead after three events.


Contacts: Kenny Freeman, SNORE Race Director, 702-232-6296; Brittany Burgos, SNORE President, 702-325-9623; Mike Henle, The Idea Company Public Relations, 702-279-3483.

By Mike Henle

CALIENTE, Nev. – Native Nevadan and high-flying Class 1 driver TJ Flores headed northwest to this legendary railroad town Saturday, June 23 bringing back a great event before heading home with yet another victory in this classic old railroad town about 150 miles north of Las Vegas.

Native Nevadan TJ Flores powers Valley Performance- Prepared powerplant to Class 1 and overall victories

Native Nevadan TJ Flores powers Valley Performance-Prepared powerplant to Class 1 and overall victories


SNORE’s annual Dusty Times 250, which didn’t return in 2011, came back in force this year and the tiny town with beautiful history and scenery welcomed the sport of off road racing with open arms as Flores led the field around a 56-mile course en route to a four-lap time of 5 hours, 4:28.062 minutes in the Valley Performance-prepared powerplant.

Kevin Colan finished runner up to his friend with a time of 6:03.30, while Nils Castillo was third with a time of 6:41.39.

“This is my sixth win in Caliente,” said Flores, a 34 year-old whose bright smile can be seen for miles. “We really had to be patient all day long. I didn’t have any flats and we didn’t hit any trees.”

In fact, Caliente is always a favorite both for its hospitality and a challenging course than included four water crossings, a tight and windy layout and endless trees happy to gobble up any driver who missed the line before veering off the road.

Throw in the steep drop of “Oh My God Hill” on the heading for the finish line and the Dusty Times 250 had enough going for it to create memories that will last a lifetime.

When you throw in the sights of long trains running alongside the SNORE timing trailer right in the heat of action, the setting was not only picturesque but action-packed from the time the flat dropped until Flores led the field around for his victory.

And SNORE’s third race of the rich 2012 Kar Tek season attracted a strong field of 81 vehicles and its crews that packed any available room within 60 miles – while generating an estimated $4 million to the local economy.

“The race is always great for us,” said 64 year-old Bud Sanders, the owner Knotty Pine Casino which hosted the signups prior to the race and awards afterwards. “Everything works well together when SNORE is in town. This is always one of the town’s biggest weekends of the year and I wish we had them every weekend.”

Sanders who has owned the Knotty Pine for 23 years, moved to the community from Las Vegas where he had been a dry wall taper. A native of Oklahoma who was raised in Oregon before moving to Las Vegas in 1973, you won’t find a happier resident especially when SNORE comes to town.

“Caliente is a really friendly community with the old southwest atmosphere,” he said. “People help one another and also talk to one another. Then, too, the weather is good year around and it’s just a very nice community.”

Sanders has been friends with SNORE’s Kenny Freeman since the two were friends in the sport of off-road racing.

“We work their checkpoints for SNORE each year,” said Sanders. “I also met a great team from Arizona called Patent It. The driver is actually a patent attorney. People in off-road racing are fun people; they like to party and have fun.

“We just make it a party weekend and were on Checkpoint 10 this year. The Knotty Pine did well and I’m sure the whole town did well, too.”

While the Knotty Pine and all of Caliente profited with the Dusty Times 250, the big field of drivers also had it share of winners.

Other class winners in the event included Tony Scott, Unlimited Truck; Clay Flippin, Class 10; Vic Bruckman, Class 10;  Jordon Poole, Class 13; Darren Parsons, Class 1450; Steve Carbone, Class 15; Blaine Conrad, Class 16; John Pellisier, Class 18; Bill Dobbs, Class 5/1600; Steve Albrecht, Class 7; Kyle Cox, Class 9; Mark Murrell, Stock Bug; and Steve Scott, UTV.

Poole, another native Nevadan, captured Class 13 with a three-lap time of 4:33.57 in a one-minute victory over former stock car racer Mike Montes; while World Market Center employee John Pellissier scored his third Class 18 triumph of the year with a two-minute victory over Chuck Harvey.

SNORE’s next race on the Kar Tek schedule is the KC HiLites Midnight Special Sept. 7-9 in Lucerne, Calif.


Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts

Dusty Times 250

Caliente, Nev.

Final results, June 23


Overall – TJ Flores, 5:04.28.

Class 1 – 1. TJ Flores., 5:04.28; 2. Kevin Colan, 6:03.30; 3. Nils Castillo, 6:41.39.

Unlimited Truck – 1. Tony Scott, 6:13.00.

Class 10 – 1. Clay Flippin, 5:33.07; 2. Hunter Buettner, 6:29.06; 3. Blain McDonald, 6:43.06; 4. Roger Starkey, 6:44.41.

Class 12 – 1. Vic Bruckmann, 5:48.46; 2. Ken Tappert, 5:56.16; 3. Bob Dziurawiec, 5:57.07; 4. Greg Crews, 6:37.15; 5. Steve Waters, 7:05.52; 6. Michael Benedict, 7:38.00.

Class 13 – 1. Jordan Poole, 4:33.57; 2. Mike Montes, 4:34.57; 3. Emilee Almberg, 4:48.09; 4. Evan Dixon, 5:07.14; 5. Tom High, 5:37.10; 6. Bree Cloud, 5:37.38.

Class 1450 – 1. Darren Parsons, 4:54.21; 2. Kevin Mckeown, 5:24.24; 3. Andrew Leavitt, 5:49.26; 4. Frank Napoli, 6:15.10; 5. James Hall 6:59.40.

Class 15 – 1. Steve Carbone, 7:17.14.

Class 1600 – 1. Blaine Conrad, 5:32.52; 2. Jason Coleman, 5:41.00; 3. Jeff Bruner, 6:03.52; 4. Steve Cossey, 7:23.44.

Class 18 – 1. John Pellissier, 4:30.50; 2. Chuck Harvey, 4:32.56.

Class 5-1600 – 1. Bill Dobbs, 6:57.11.

Class 7 – 1. Steven Albrecht, 7:10.06.

Class 9 – 1. Kyle Cox, 4:58.08; 2.Giti Gowland, 5:06.14; 3. Troy Gentry, 5:52.59.

Stock Bug – 1. Mark Murrell, 6:00.32; 2. Steven Bertand, 6:02.07.UTV—1. Steve Scott, 2:14.30.


Next race: Sept. 7-9, KC HiLites Midnight Special, Lucerne, Calif.


With four water crossings, the annual Dusty Times 240 in Caliente northeast of Las Vegas had a long list of challenges for the 81-car field. (Trackside photo)


Southern Nevada native TJ Flores took the overall and Class 1 victories in the Dusty Times 250 June 23 northeast of Las Vegas.


Jordan Poole ran to the victory in Class 13.


Contacts: Kenny Freeman, SNORE Race Director, 702-232-6296; Brittany Burgos, SNORE President, 702-325-9623; Mike Henle, The Idea Company Public Relations, 702-279-3483.


CALIENTE, Nev. – The Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts (SNORE) returns to the site of an all-time sentimental favorite on the 2012 Kartek schedule with the Dusty Times 250 Saturday north of Las Vegas.

After a one-year hiatus, the popular event will kick off its festivities with a meet and greet at Caliente Elementary Friday from at 8-9:30 a.m. The gathering has been a favorite of both the students and race teams since 2005.

The history of the event is equally as interesting based on the fact that it was originally was pioneered by legendary off road promoter and racer Bert Vaughan, who launched the race in the mid-1970s.

"We are very happy with the amount of entries," said SNORE Vice President John Pellissier, who doubles as a competitor in the Champ Car class. "There has been a surge in the past few weeks and we're expecting entries to continue through the rest of this week.

"We are hoping for 80 entries."

The 56 mile course will offer a long list of special challenges of terrain including four water crossings.

"The last of the crossings is about two feet deep," said Pellissier, 44. "If your engine is not water-proof, there's a chance that it could shut down. This is a very unusual characteristic that drivers normally don't face in off-road racing. If you have ever raced this event, you never want to miss another one."

In addition, a steep drop called "Oh My God Hill" heading back into Caliente provides incredible action in a twisty, but fast final mile.

Just as important is that this small town situated about 180 miles northeast of Las Vegas opens its arms to SNORE.

"The people of Caliente love the race," Pellissier said.

Saturday's race begins at 8 a.m. with the fastest professionals going four laps; others going three laps and the Class 11s will go two laps.

TJ Flores and his driving partner Las Vegas chiropractor Dr. Kevin Colan combined for the victory in the 2010 Caliente 250 in a Class 1 entry.

Class 10 competitor Roger Starkey leads the rich 2012 SNORE Kartek Championship Off Road Series points standings with 1,385 points followed by Class 9 driver Brian Caudill (1,292); Class 11 driver Robert Johnson (1,258); Pellissier (1,251) and 1600 driver Jason Coleman (1,251).

The top ten also includes Champ Car competitor Greg Crew (1,150), 3000 driver John Gauld, 1600 driver Jeff Bruner (1,075) and Champ Car competitor Michael Benedict (1,060).

The Sportsman standings are paced  by Jordan Poole (1,411); Billy Shapley (1,247), Darren Parsons (1,222), Jeremy Smeltzer (1,121), Eric Trondie (1,067), Dan Defreze (934), Steve Olliges (835), Breanna Cloud (760), George Rosenbaum (708) and Mark Brister (691).

SNORE kicked off the 2012 season with the Dusty Times Battle at Primm Jan. 24-26 before running the PCI Radios 300 April 13-15 in Ridgecrest, Calif. 



A meet and greet with Caliente Elementary students will kick off SNORE’s Caliente 250 pre-race festivities Friday beginning at 8 a.m. The race Saturday begins at 8 a.m.



Oh My God Hill heading back into Caliente is considered one of the favorite parts of the 56-mile layout that will be utilized in SNORE’s Caliente 250 Saturday northeast of Las Vegas.


2012 SNORE Kartek Points Standings

Pro – 1, Roger Starkey (10) 1,385; 2. Brian Caudill (9) 1,292; 3. Robert Johnson (11) 1,258; 4. tie between John Pellissier (18) and Jason Coleman (1600), 1,251 each; 6. Blaine Conrad (1600) 1,201; 7. Greg Crew (12) 1,150; 8. John Gauld (1600) 1,108; 9. Jeff Bruner (1600) 1,075; 10. Michael Benedict (12) 1,060.

Sportsman – 1. Jordan Poole (LTD Sport) 1,411; 2. Billy Shapley (LTD Sport) 1,247; 3. Darren Parsons (1450) 1,222; 4. Jeremy Smeltzer (1450) 1,121; 5. Eric Trondie (UNL Sport) 1,067; 6. Dan Defreze (UNL Sport) 934; 7. Steve Olliges (1450) 835; 8. Breanna Cloud (LTD Sport) 760; 9. George Rosenbaum (1450) 708; 10. Mark Brister (LTD) 691.


Next race: Saturday, Dusty Times 250, Caliente, Nev.

CONTACT: Mike Henle, The Idea Company Public Relations, 702-279-3483.

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